How to Get Started With Concierge Nursing
Concierge Nursing

Concierge Nursing

Not all nurses work in hospitals. Nurses are needed everywhere and by a wide range of people with medical conditions. From children with disabilities to the heroically elderly, nurses are needed to help people beyond facility care in their personal lives or for specific challenging activities. That is where the concierge nursing niche was born. Since time immemorial, those with medical skills have been hired to be personal health providers for a client or household. Concierge nursing is the practice of providing what each unique patient needs with their limitations and lifestyle.

Nurses looking to work independently can become concierge nurses with no worry about additional certification. Your existing skills can and will fit the needs of several medical clients in your area. The key is to build your personal concierge nursing brand to attract and win the clients you specialize in helping.

What Is Concierge Nursing?

Concierge nursing is private nursing and includes a wide expanse of possibilities. Essentially, concierge nurses can provide ongoing medical care for clients in any situation. Post-surgery care and medically assisted travel are common reasons to hire a concierge nurse. While many seniors hire concierge nursing instead of assistive care, you are also likely to be hired by the capable disabled who need medical assistance on-the-go.

Concierge nurses may become the personal nursing providers for anyone who needs medical attendance while they do more than recover at home, and you can also specialize in helping people recovering at home. The range for concierge nursing is huge. This leaves it up to the nurses and patients to decide the details of each nursing service.

Why Nurse Entrepreneurs Become Concierge Nurses

Many nurses who decide to fly solo go into concierge nursing because it is accessible, it creates a reliable income, and it focuses on the aspects of nursing that you like most. Not all nurses are hospital nurses or clinic nurses by nature. You may be a gifted recovery therapist or have advanced skills in medical travel.

Concierge nursing allows you to build your nursing talents into a business model. Clients who need your unique set of skills or the combination services you provide will find you  – provided you have built a website and online presence to be found – and sign up for what they need. Concierge nurses define their niche or allow the local niche to define their services. The flexibility is appealing because it creates a canvas to build a private nursing career from. You can choose to be an adaptable generalist or build a specialty and a local reputation for that specialty.

For an entrepreneur, that kind of private practice freedom is appealing. If you are a self-starter with an idea of the concierge services you would provide, this is a great place to start your nursepreneur career.

Define Your Brand and Mission Statement

Once you decide to become a concierge nurse, start thinking about what you have to offer. What are your talents and passions in nursing? What problems do you see your patients facing where concierge nursing could help? You might be an experienced maternity nurse looking to provide post-maternity services that are often lacking. Or perhaps you’re great at coaching people who have been through surgery and serious injury back to their full strength. Maybe you already have experience in medical travel-planning and can become a flying concierge nurse.

Once you know your mission statement, define your brand. Use your personality and the message you want to send you potential clients to define the color palette and the impact made by your brand design. Choose images and styles that convey the type of care you provide. Soft lines suggest a gentle experience while a bold design hints at fun nurse-assisted activities.

Build a Service List

With your mission and brand defined, build the list of services you provide and the bounds of those services. Concierge nursing can range into other service-combination – like nursing and travel planning – so it’s important to define the range of your services for each client care plan.

Clearly define what you offer and how that works. Then define your price sheet, pricing by the hour, the service, and/or the plan type required by each client.

Create an Online Presence

With your brand and services clearly defined, it’s time to build your website and social media presence. The website is your online storefront, it will represent your brand and act as the venue for online client interactions. It is also the first place any curious potential clients will go to investigate your nursing services. Your website should make a good showing of your service mission, brand, and specific services. Clients should be able to quickly determine if they like your style and if they want to hire you.

From there, the website guides them down the right channels to consult or book. Your online presence is completed, however, by integrating social media and creating a steady flow of inbound marketing content. Write a blog and automate through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the basic small-business style approach to an online presence.

Show your personality in your content. Be funny, friendly, kind, or even snarky if that’s the style your patients know and love. Show your heart and your style in both the blogs and social media clips. In a concierge nurse, that’s what many clients really want to see when deciding to hire.

Accumulate Clients and Positive Testimonials When Concierge Nursing

Set up your online presence to accumulate a client list of bookings and inquiries. In addition, reach out to past patients – if possible – and people you know to get the word out about your service. Within your personal network, there are often a few people or friends-of-friends who could benefit from your nursing style.

When you win a client, they each become a new vector for referrals and testimonials. Whether you work with someone once or become their go-to nurse for years, every client on your list can become a long-term fan and recommend your services to others. In fact, if you become too successful, you’ll need to expand into a team.

Hone Your Craft


Concierge Nursing

Finally, perfect your business model as you gain experience with clients. Refine your service definitions or add new services as you gain new skills. In addition to your nursing skills, you will also build your small business owner skills. You’ll gain experience in the best ways to schedule clients and smooth customer service. You’ll have practice in balancing revenue to overhead, lining up insurance, and preparing for business taxes. Every year that you are in business, you’ll become more of a pro both at your concierge skills and the business owner skills that make you independent.

Learn What You Need to Become a Concierge Nurse

Here at Nursepreneurs, we are enthusiastic about helping nurses find their ideal solo practice. If concierge nursing sounds like a great new career path for you, let us help you launch with everything you need. Come join our concierge nursing webinar and learn more about starting your own concierge nursing business.


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