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Discover The 3 Phase Strategy Our Nurses Use To Launch Profitable Concierge Nursing Businesses

Would You Like To Choose What Patients You Work With & Earn More Money Than Any 12 Hour Hospital Shift? Here's How.

During this online training, you'll learn...

  1. Top 3 secrets in concierge nurse businesses that prevent most nurses from starting this business


  2. How to market the right way to clients, without wasting time and money on shiny objects and marketing tricks that aren’t effective if your business isn’t properly set up


  3. How our Concierge Nurses get clients non stop cases even during recessions like the one we’re about to go into


Turn your passion into a profitable Concierge Nurse Business


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This is the exact 3-phase strategy we use to help nurses

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Jill Weberding, RN
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Gail Weatherill, RN
The Dementia Nurse
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Gifty Aidoo, RN
Paradigm Infusions

"Your Nursing Expertise Can Easily Be Packaged Into A Concierge Nurse Business Model" ~ Catie


No, there is no certification process or licensure process to become a concierge nurse.

Depending on the services you offer, you do not need a medical director for this type of business.  However, if you decide to incorporate any service that requires an order to signed by a provider, you will need a medical director.

Concierge nurses run the gamut.  We have nurses who work just with plastic surgery patients, nurses who work with private pay, nurses who travel with patients, nurses who do medical tourism, fragile child care, post cardiac care, IV infusions.  You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to concierge nursing!

Concierge nurses are fee for services and private pay.  They are not entitled or eligible to receive the lucrative contracts with state or federal agencies because they are not licensed.  But at the same time it costs way less money to start a concierge nurse business and there is a large growing market of patients looking for premium, boutique nursing care.

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