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Elena Bensonoff is the founder of Wholistic Inc., Published Author, World Renowned Wholistic Teacher, Clinical Pharmacist, Diplomate in Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine, Award Winning Natural Perfumer, and Creator of the Wholistic Wisdom Program and Masterclass, which have helped thousands of people all over the world harness their inner healing power to end their struggles with Chronic Illness once and for all.

Elena started her career as a clinical pharmacist but quickly found that she was not fulfilled with this career path.  During a health crisis in her life, doctors told Elena that she would need to stay on multiple different medications. Elena was determined to find a different solution.  She discovered that diet, stress and environment were playing a large role in her health, so she became determined to change it.

She also started exploring healing modalities. She was invited to attend an American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conference. This conference was her first real introduction to traditional holistic practices. Elena became captivated by the research and case studies supporting natural healing techniques and it confirmed her beliefs about how toxic many of the ingredients in Western medicine are. 

The most powerful realization Elena had on her path was that true healing doesn’t come in a pill bottle. It comes from within. Every person holds the key to their own healing.

All they need is a guiding light to empower them with love, wisdom, and support. Thus, Wholistic, Inc. was born, and this is what Elena has herself to for over 20 years. Now, her only career goal is to expand the network of empowered self-healers and lightworkers all over the world through infusing light, love, and wisdom into her books, meditations, and internationally renowned Wholistic courses.

Don’t Miss Moments

→ Elena’s mission for Wholistic.com

→ How Elena approaches clients with her work

→ How Elena trains professionals to do the work she does in energy healing

→ Why Elena started a perfume line and what’s unique about it 

The NursePreneur Podcast · Elena Bensonoff


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