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What In The Baby? NursePreneur Podcast

Mercedes Thomas is an advanced practice nurse practitioner.  She is experienced as a pediatric NP, doula and certified lactation counselor.  So it came to a huge surprise to her when she struggled with so many challenges with her own baby when she became a mother.  She son had tongue tie and food intolerance, which required her to remove dairy and soy from her own diet.

Mercedes had to figure out these challenges on her own.  As a pediatric NP, she felt like she should have known more.   But then thought, if she didn’t know how to navigate these challenges what were other moms doing?  Mercedes posed this question in a Facebook group and got a huge response.  The Facebook owner asked her to spin off her own group to deal with those issues.

Since then, Mercedes has leveraged the information she received from her own group to write her book “What In The Baby”, create an infant educational series and start building tools and resources for her audience.

This is a classic example of knowing Mercedes wanted to do more, but wasn’t sure what to do.  When she found a compelling and challenging problem, the solution became clear.  Now she is on a path that is being paved by relationships she is building, partnerships and collaborations.

Find out more about what Mercedes is doing at catieharris.com/podcast

Website: www.MercedesThomas.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mercedesthenp

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mercedesthenp

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mercedesthenp

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mercedesthomasnp

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Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How Mercedes found her business idea

→ How growing a Facebook group changed the focus of the business for Mercedes

→ What Mercedes did to grow her business from nothing to getting partnerships with national organizations in less than a year

→ How Mercedes wrote her book and how she is using it as a marketing tool

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