What Do You Dream About?
What Do You Dream About?

What Do You Dream About?

It’s interesting how dreams change once you actually achieve them. When you were young, was it your dream to go to Disney World or just to drive a car?

It’s interesting how dreams change once you actually achieve them. When you were young, was it your dream to go to Disney World or just to drive a car?

My dream was to have my own apartment – which in reality wasn’t all that hard to achieve.

So then what’s next? A nicer apartment? A house? A nicer house? 3 houses?

Maybe now, you dream of getting out of debt, having enough to pay the mortgage and take your kids on any type of vacation. Or maybe your dream is really just to give up that 2nd and 3rd job or having to beg for overtime you don’t really want to do.

What small luxury would you indulge in if you were suddenly rich?


The question lets you imagine what you would do if you had the time and money to get essentially anything. What would it be for you? Daily massages? Daily house cleaning? A chef in your home?

Do these small luxuries feel as far away to you as dreaming of driving a car (when you are only 12 years old – that is a lifetime away!).


After engaging in the fantasy for a minute, people wipe their hands and say “Wouldn’t that be nice, but it’ll never happen!” without stopping for a second and saying – “Wait a sec, what if it could happen? What do I need to do to make it happen?”

It’s bad to tell yourself that it will never happen.

It’s not about cutting back on how many lattes you order in a month. You want to be able to grow, learn new things, experience a job where you are appreciated and respected. A job that pays more if you put more into it. A job that allows you to go out with friends, use your time and money and to indulge in the small (or big!) luxuries that you dream of.

I’m going to guess most of your dreams as a young person probably came true – you started to drive, you got an apartment, you got a job, maybe you got married and had kids. But then you stopped dreaming.

Most people think of a dream as something that you fantasize about and then go back to the real world.


What seems crazy now can seem ordinary later – if you put the work in.
And you need to consider growth in every area – wealth, health, relationships, interests, learning.

Now, I’d like to ask you to tell me something:

1. What was your dream when you were a kid?

2. What are your dreams now? Put them into those categories and be specific!

a. Wealth – how much would be your dream amount?
b. Health – what is your dream health status
c. Relationships – who are the 5 people in your life who move you forward or who you  dream about helping you to move forward (even if you don’t know the person or they don’t yet exist in your life)
d. Interests – what would you do all day if you were independently wealthy and didn’t need to work 2-3 jobs?
e. Learning – what do you dream about learning and doing?

It’s important to sort this out.  If you don’t know what you dream about, you can never achieve it.

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