What Aspects of Your Business are Worth Outsourcing?
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When starting a successful business there are a thousand moving pieces of the puzzle. Even though you may be tempted to take it all on yourself, as humans we aren’t meant to go it alone. So how do you prevent burnout and keep your business steadily growing? 


Outsourcing services is such an important aspect of business that former Prime Minister and businessman Lee Kuan Yew once said “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.” 

Nearly all successful companies and practices outsource certain aspects of their business to stay afloat–even nurse entrepreneurs! 

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Monica Moore, women’s health NP and founder of Fertile Health. Monica mentioned on our call that she outsources graphic design tasks and video editing, as creativity and social media aren’t her strong suits. 

We all have aspects of our business that we either aren’t keen on, don’t have the time for, or just don’t feel like doing, however, the work needs to be done, there’s no way around it. That’s where outsourcing comes in handy.  

So the question is, what aspects of your business are actually worth outsourcing? 

  • Accounting- Outsourcing accounting and payroll to a licensed CPA or bookkeeping professional can save you money in the long run and ensure that your business is in the best financial position in terms of records, taxes, etc. 
  • Digital Marketing- Marketing is an endless job. It requires special skills and knowledge that can be time consuming to learn on your own. Whether hiring an individual or marketing company to take on marketing tasks, hiring digital marketers saves you time and headache.
  • Content Creation- Creating content can be a fun task. However, the more successful your business becomes, you’ll find that you’ll need more and more content to fill your social media, website, blog, etc. It’s a full-time job and can easily be outsourced. 
  • IT Management- You can save money and enhance the efficiency of your business by outsourcing IT management. From management of special technology to integration of tools and technologies, IT managers can create sustainable growth. 

So what aspects of your business are worth outsourcing? 


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