Venture Capital For Nurses

Venture Capital For Nurses NursePreneur Podcast

Mary McDougall, Vice President of Astia, talks about getting started in the world of venture capital for start-ups.

Astia is transforming the way businesses are funded in the here and now, providing capital, connections, and guidance that fuel the growth of highly innovative, women-led ventures around the globe. 

Astia was founded in Silicon Valley in 1999 as a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and promoting best-in-class women high-growth entrepreneurs.

Astia’s model is designed to change the way our ecosystem looks at and evaluates high potential organizations, increasing the recognition of, and investment into women entrepreneurs and their teams.

We identify high potential companies through our personalized referral system, move them through our multi-step Astia Expert Sift™ towards possible investor presentation, link them to advisors and resources as needed, and share them with our Astia Angels.

Find out more at: 

or submit an application at

Mary even provides a template for the process after your application is accepted

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (writing an executive summary)

The Executive Summary is the key document for the next stage of our review.The document should be a 1-2 page PDF and less than 1 MB  Attached are some suggested layouts.  Content should include:

  • Customer Problem
  • Product & Services
  • Revenue Model/How you make money
  • Target Market & Market Size
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Proof of Concept (customers & traction)
  • Competitors and Competitive Advantage
  • Management team and experience
  • Financial snapshot including revenue & EBITDA forecasts
  • Previous investors
  • Advisors
  • Capital Seeking
  • Contact info

Don’t Miss Moments:

  • Why women are not highly resourced in venture capital
  • What Astia is doing to change this situation
  • What types of ideas Astia is looking to promote to venture capitalists
  • The easy process for pitching your idea

The NursePreneur Podcast · Mary McDougall


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