Read the following document or CLICK HERE for downloadable instructions.

Payment Policy

  • Invoices must be submitted by the fourth Thursday each month.  Miss this deadline, and you may have to wait until the following month’s cycle to get paid.

  • Invoices to be submitted to 


  • You’ll be paid by the fourth Friday of the month, provided you’ve submitted your invoice by the fourth Thursday.


  • Payments from us  will *only* be made by: credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, or ACH (at our discretion).  No Cheques or cash.


  • Fees you incur while processing payment from us (e.g. Credit Card Fees, Wire Fees) is your cost of doing business.


  • Unless stated otherwise, we won’t pay you for time you spend learning. We are paying you to be an expert in your domain. If – for example – you are a graphic designer and you don’t know how to use a tool in Photoshop, it’s up to you to learn on your own time, not billable hours.


  • Your Invoice must be a PDF, ideally with the following filename structure:

Your Name – Invoice Number – Services Provided (Graphic Services, VA Services, etc) – Today’s Date


E.g.) Jane Smith – Invoice 001 – NursePreneurs Consulting – Aug 6 20XX


  • Your invoice must also include all the following elements or else it will be considered incomplete, unpayable, and sent back to you for completion:


  • Info about you:
    • Your name and business name
    • Your physical address
    • Best email to reach you
    • Best phone to reach you
  • Info about us:
  • Date of invoice
  • Number of invoice
  • Description of services rendered
  • Fees you’re charging, including – if applicable – hours worked and pay rate
  • Total you’d like us to pay, explicitly in USD
  • How you’d like to process our Credit Card
    • your PayPal email address
    • notice of the Invoice request coming
    • specific link for us to buy from your online shopping cart (MUST be specific link, not just “buy on my site”) 
    • other CC processing method of your choosing
      reminders: 1) we only pay by credit card; 2) we will not pay your CC fees for you – that’s your cost of doing business

  • Below is a sample invoice (template) for you to copy and paste if you like, or simply to use as a visual checklist to make sure your invoice meets all requirements.


Thank-you in advance for your cooperation – re-work and unneeded email back-and-forth is a serious productivity drain for you and us.  Getting it right the first time makes a huge difference in productivity, and is a substantial investment into our “relationship bank account” – THANK YOU!

Template for Creating an Invoice


You don’t need to use this template if you’ve already got your own invoice template AND it fulfills ALL of the requirements listed above.


  • Copy & paste the template below to create your invoice


  • Save as a PDF with the following name structure: 


Your Name – Invoice # – Services Provided (Graphic Services, VA Services, etc) – Today’s Date


E.g.) Catie Harris – Invoice 001 – NursePreneurs – Aug 6 20XX




Invoice From:

Name & Business Name

Physical Address

Best Email to reach you

Best Phone number to reach you


Invoice To:

NP Life LLC, c/o Catie Harris

1150 First Ave, Suite 511, King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA


Invoice Number:



Invoice Date:

Today’s Date


Services Rendered:

Date(s) work done for NP Life LLC – ­ Simple explanation of work done



# of hours spent



$XX USD (per hour?)


Sales Tax:

if none put “None”






Provide payment information (Wire Info, ACH Info, Paypal email address, Invoice request coming, and a place to pay via Credit Card).