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"I've never done sales and marketing before, but NursePreneurs helped me to launch a profitable business with no experience!"
Gigi Elizee
Luxe Wellness Retreats
"In less than 2 years, I have generated over 1 million in revenue and we just keep growing. I am so happy to be part of the NursePreneurs Community!"
Gifty Aidoo
Med Spa Owner
"From 6 figures a year as a super busy nurse manager to 6 figures a month doing something I love and am passionate about!"
Kimble Bradley, MSN, RN
Kimble Bradley
IV Hydration
"Five figure webinars were the norm for us. Everytime we launched with NursePreneurs the students just came pouring in!"
Lisa Hedin, RN
Lisa Hedin
Cannabis Consultant