Unshakeable Self-Belief As A NursePreneur
Unshakeable Self-Belief As A NursePreneur

Why is it that some nurses succeed so easily and become NursePreneus and others try so hard to achieve so little? It’s not really a secret—it’s more about your mindset.

Why is it that some nurses succeed so quickly and become NursePreneus, and others try so hard to achieve so little? It’s not a secret—it’s more about your mindset.  To succeed in anything you have to believe it’s possible in the first place.  Think about going through nursing school.

Did you think you were going to fail nursing school?  Probably not. That’s not to say it was easy, but people typically don’t start or stick with things they don’t believe is possible.

Take business, for example. Do you believe it’s possible to start a successful business? Not is it possible for me or someone else?  I mean, is it possible for YOU to start a successful business?

If the answer is an immediate NO, or I’m not sure, you already have one foot out the door of this opportunity. Then if you hit any obstacle along the way (which 100% guaranteed you will), the tendency will be to jump ship before you ever really get started.

Maybe, you think, a business is for other people, but not for you.

What I want to point out here is this—this scenario has absolutely nothing to do with starting a business. It’s all in your head. This mindset is 100% an issue that is blocking you from achieving what you want.

To start a successful business, you need an unshakeable self-belief. This belief is the kind that allows you to start AND finish whatever you want to do.

When you want something, there are a million ways around any obstacle. When you aren’t sure if you can achieve something, those obstacles become mountains that you may or may not climb. And when you don’t believe you can do something, those obstacles become your fate or your destiny. As if they were put in your way with the exclusive purpose of preventing you from going down that path.

Again, it’s all in your perspective.

If you want to start a business, you can. But first, you need to believe you can.

One of the best books I’ve read on this topic that can help you change your mindset is called Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith. If you aren’t sure how to improve your mindset, start with this book.

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