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Yolanda Russell worked as a second career nurse on a medical-surgical unit.  While she loved her job, she still felt a yearning for something else and something that would create an impact and spur nurses to action.

She decided to start a podcast called Real, Raw and Free, but made the common mistake of not identifying who her audience really was.  As she discovered that she enjoyed talking to nurses and building up that relationship, she understood that her podcast needed to focus on talking to nurses.

Yolanda rebranded and redesigned her podcast to be called the Unfiltered Nurse.  It was an immediate hit with nurses and helped Yolanda curate an audience.  By listening to this audience, Yolanda was able to get ideas of the problems the nurses were having and how she could help.

Realizing that she was onto something big, Yolanda recognized that she needed a business coach.  She made the tough decision to invest $5000 in a coach to learn how to build something of her very own.  The result was launching her Breakthrough Burnout method, which was her first 1:1 mentorship program.

With the feedback from this initial group, Yolanda made a lot changes to create the Breakthrough and Brand Mentorship program which she quietly and successfully launched to her audience.

Yolanda is full of energy and really enjoys helping nurses get to where they want to go.  To learn more about her, check out her website at:

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ Why Yolanda invested so much money into a business coach

→ How Yolanda recognized that her first podcast wasn’t specific enough and what she did

→ How Yolanda chose her audience for her brand

→ What’s next for Yolanda her influencer brand

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