Understanding the Benefits of Chronic Care Management
Uncover the benefits

When it comes to chronic patients, a simple visit from the physician doesn’t cut it. But oftentimes physicians have such an overloaded roster that they only get an average of 11 minutes with chronic patients! So what happens after those 11 minutes? How are patients with chronic illness supposed to know how to manage their conditions with little to no guidance from physicians? 

Chronic. Care. Management. 

Chronic care management bridges the gap for chronically ill patients by teaching them how to navigate chronic illnesses effectively, thus improving clinician communications and patient outcomes. If you’ve ever been curious about chronic care management our NursePreneur coaches Meredith & Irina not only are experts in the field but teach a course that gives you the blueprints of how to start your own CCM business! 

Not sure if CCM is the right field for you? Check out these important benefits of chronic care management: 

  • Coordination of Care 

The most prominent issue that chronically ill patients run into is a lack of care coordination. Due to improper management, most healthcare workers don’t provide the resources needed to ensure successful outcomes for chronically ill patients. Through a supportive network, care teams can communicate with each other to coordinate care and have a full picture of what patients need to increase positive outcomes. 

  • Revenue 

Not only is chronic care management good for patients, but it’s good for practices and nurse entrepreneurs. If you have your own practice then I’m sure that you already have several patients that could benefit from CCM! Now’s the time to tap into those patient populations to help patients manage their care and increase personal/practice revenue! 

  • Patient Outcomes 

When it comes down to it, CCM is all about improving your patient’s quality of life–and that makes it all worth it! Chronic care management offers a vast range of advantages for your patients including: 

  • Increased Social Life 
  • Decreased Depression
  • Active Involvement in Care 
  • Better Medication Management 
  • Overall Increased Quality of Life 

Chronic care management matters! If you’re ready to be your own boss and improve care for patients with chronic illness, contact us today to learn more about our CCM course! 

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