Understanding the Basic Principles of Holistic Wellness
Understanding the Basic Principles of Holistic Wellness

The human experience is a composition of life events that impact our mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. Yet, the traditional healthcare system is hyperfocused on the wellness of your body, leaving the mind and spirit out of the healing equation. 

Businesses like Soul Awakening are tapping into holistic healing modalities to provide comprehensive healing experiences to everyday people. Led by Christen Resmo and Mary Beth Gudewicz, who both have extensive experience working in traditional healthcare settings, Soul Awakening is helping their clients become who they truly are. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Christen and chat about Soul Awakening on the NursePreneurs Podcast. Christen mentions on our call how important the mind, body, spirit connection is when learning to advocate for our own health. 

By understanding wellness on a holistic level, we can gain a deeper understanding of our wellness needs and how to advocate for them in the moment. 

While the power of holistic healing modalities is obvious to the people who have tapped into them, there are still many skeptics who believe that holistic health is nothing more than made-up mumbo-jumbo. 

This misconception is most likely due to the lack of understanding. So what really is holistic wellness? According to Christen, here are the governing principles of holistic wellness businesses: 

  • Self-Healing 

Our body is wired to naturally heal itself. While we may not always have the elements in our diet and environment needed to induce self healing, holistic healing modalities, such as body-based therapies, biologically-based therapies, and energy healing, can support our system and lead us down a path of unleashing our internal healing abilities. 

  • Physical & Emotional Connection

Holistic healing businesses, such as Soul Awakening, bring awareness to emotional tension and mental stress held in our bodies. Our brains and bodies as a whole hold onto our past, which can affect our physical abilities.Through holistic healing modalities one can uncover past traumas and let go of emotional tensions that are having a negative impact on overall wellness. 

  • Higher Source 

One controversial, yet important principle of holistic wellness, is the spiritual component. Christen mentions that God, energy, or some other source of creation plays an important role in healing. By inviting some sort of higher power into the mix, Christen’s patients have an awakening of inner truth which helps them become who they are always meant to be and learn how to be advocates of their own mental, physical, and emotional needs. 

If you’re curious about learning more, you can tune into the NursePreneurs Podcast to hear Christen chat about holistic healing modalities and her business Soul Awakening.  

Are you looking to start your own highly successful holistic health business? Book a discovery call today to learn more about becoming your own boss and spreading awareness of holistic healing modalities. 

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