Turning Your Passion Into a Career
Turning Your Passion Into a Career

Turning Your Passion Into a Career

Turning Your Passion Into a Career. As nurses, we put on scrubs and set out to save the world. From dealing with families, patients, and doctors, we’re in the trenches of the healthcare system, and we’re expected to keep our heads held high and push forward with resilience. 

While saving the world is our career, have you ever stopped to wonder, am I truly happy with what I do? 

With approximately 60% of nurses saying that they are unhappy in their practice environment, nurses are setting out to find jobs that help them foster a healthy work-life balance.  

But what if you could start your own business and turn your passion into a career, increasing your satisfaction and creating a work-life balance? Would you do it? 

Fiona Bennett did it, our clients do it, and you can too! 

As an ex-nurse turned life coach, Fiona Bennett helps her clients at Life Learning Strategies understand their calling and release the negative energies that weigh them down. Using healing strategies, she helps her clients process their energy to live in light & love. 

While Bennett helps you discover your passion, we help nurses manifest their passions and create businesses that impact the world and allow you to live in your calling. 

We help you get what you want out of life by turning your passion into a career where you can use your nursing expertise to help people, and still have a social life– it’s a win-win if you ask me!  

Living in your calling doesn’t have to be a complicated and dragged-out process. Here are a few easy steps to follow that help you live in your calling by turning your passion into a career: 

  1. Discovery– As the most crucial step in the process, discovery is twofold. Not only do you need to discover your passion, but you need to discover what’s weighing you down. By pinpointing the areas of your life that are frustrating or draining, you can better understand what changes need to be made. Contact Fiona Bennett at bennett.lifelearningstrategies@gmail.com to learn more about discovering your passion. 
  2. Demand- Determining the demand of your passion is key to forecasting your success. For example, if your passion is cannabis education, you need to understand the laws in your state and determine the legality of medicinal cannabis and the demand for cannabis education. If the demand doesn’t fit the passion then you need to tweak your focus to meet the needs of potential clients. 
  3. Budget- Understanding the expenses of setting up your new business is of utmost importance. You need to find the capital, determine your budget, and understand that your business may not produce significant ROI in the first few months or years.
  4. Help– Seeking the help of experts who’ve paved the way can increase your probability of success. At NursePreneurs we help nurses like you identify their passions and build a blueprint to success, providing our guidance and expertise every step of the way. 

Living in your calling doesn’t have to be a distant dream. We help turn your passion into a career that creates work-life balance and enhances your overall satisfaction.  

You can be your own boss and have a career that you’re completely satisfied with, and it’s our goal to help you get there! Get in touch with me today at support@catieharris.com to start living in your passion! 

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