Transforming Nursing Skills into Real Estate Success

Josh Condado and Colin Davis Podcast

In this inspiring episode of the NursePreneurs Podcast, Catie sits down with Josh Condado and Colin Davis, the dynamic nursing duo turned real estate investors from All Day Investments. With backgrounds deeply rooted in the nursing profession, Josh and Colin share their journey from the hospital floors to the forefront of the real estate investment scene. Their story is not just about changing careers but leveraging their nursing skills to create a thriving business that offers financial freedom and a work-life balance many nurses dream of.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Journey from Nursing to Real Estate: Insights into how Josh and Colin transitioned from the nursing profession to becoming successful real estate investors, seeking financial freedom and a balance away from nursing burnout.
  • Influence and Partnership: The story of how family connections and shared goals led to a powerful partnership in real estate, turning personal relationships into professional success.
  • Early Challenges and Strategies for Success: An overview of their initial forays into real estate, the learning curve involved, and the strategies, like the BRRRR method, that have fueled their growth.
  • Expanding Investment Horizons: From their first single-family home to ambitious goals with mobile home parks, discover the evolution of their investment approach and portfolio.
  • Empowering Nurse Investors: Josh and Colin’s advice for nurses exploring real estate investment, plus an introduction to their Investing RN Podcast, dedicated to helping nurses achieve financial independence.


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