7 Signs You’re in a Toxic Work Environment as a Nurse

If you are a nurse then you know just how common nursing toxic work environments are. From working long hours to dealing with nurse bullies, everyday nurses working in a toxic work environment put on their scrubs and are faced with unacceptable conditions that can not only impact their careers, but personal lives. 

You don’t have to put up with working in a toxic nursing environment!

Now more than ever nurses are quitting their jobs and leaving unhealthy work environments in nursing behind. In fact, during the pandemic, there have been a record number of nurses leaving the bedside to explore other career opportunities, which includes going into business for themselves. 

While common, toxic work environments in nursing are not acceptable. Are you working in an unhealthy work environment in nursing? Here are the top seven signs that will help you determine if you are in a toxic nursing environment: 

Growth Is Discouraged


Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow and flourish in their career. However, nurses working in a toxic work environment are often held back from career growth, either by management or bitter colleagues that makes working up the ladder near impossible. 

Studies also show that nursing toxic work environments are less productive than healthy working environments, which can put a systemic damper on career growth. Sometimes you can not grow because the organizational growth of your toxic work environment in nursing prevents it.

The Joy is Gone


Do you remember the days when you loved your job in nursing? If those days seem far away, or if you notice yourself becoming a negative energy in your toxic nursing environment, then it is time for a change. 

It is easy to lose your joy when you are in an unhealthy work environment in nursing. But you can find that joy again by getting off the hamster wheel and leaving nursing toxic work environments where they belong–in the past! 



As sad and sickening as it might be, peer-bullying is a common occurrence in toxic work environments in nursing. Nurse bullying is such a prevalent issue, that there have been businesses established to prevent it. It is even a common public mental health concern! 

Bullying in any form is abuse and it should be reported! But when you are in a toxic work environment bullying often goes under the radar, which is not acceptable. If you are experiencing peer bullying in your nursing toxic work environment, we urge you to explore other job opportunities. 



It is normal for nurses to feel burnt out from time to time. But when you are in an unhealthy work environment in nursing you may find yourself living in a constant state of burn-out. Burnout not only can play a toll on your mental health, but it can impact how you interact with others, including your family and friends. 

Not sure if you’re experiencing burn-out as a result of working in a toxic nursing environment? Check out these common signs: 

  • Unmanageable Workload 
  • State of Constant Confusion 
  • Extreme Fatigue 
  • Anxiety & Depression 
  • Body Pain
  • Thoughts of Hopelessness 
  • Resentment
  • Frequent Colds & Flu 
  • Emotional Instability

Lack of Communication 


Communication is an important part of any work environment. But toxic work environments in nursing are often lacking in the communication department. Do you find that you are always confused and without direction? Do you feel as if you can not speak up for fear of scrutiny? 

A toxic work environment will try to silence you–and you should not have to put up with that! 

No Motivation


It is easy to not feel motivated when you are laboring in an unhealthy work environment in nursing. Your peers and supervisors are not pulling their weight, so why should you have to? Even though your toxic nursing work environment has done a number on you, you should not lose your motivation. 

Try to remember why you got into nursing in the first place. Don’t let your toxic nursing environment steal your joy and motivation to do a good job. Now, we are not encouraging you to stay in an abusive and unhealthy work environment in nursing, but while you look for something else, keep your head up and give it your best shot!

Poor Patient Care 


Perhaps the most problematic sign that you are laboring in a toxic work environment in nursing is poor patient care. When you become a nurse you have the responsibility to uphold the highest standards of patient care, and no unhealthy work environment in nursing should steal that from you. 

But when you are pulling your end and no one else is, all the patients in your care will suffer. A toxic work environment bleeds, which means, eventually patients will suffer. 

So You’re in a Toxic Nursing Environment, Now What? 


A toxic work environment does not happen overnight. Toxic work environments in nursing are the result of years of bad patterns either implemented by the staff, management, or even patients. No one wants to work in a toxic nursing environment, but unfortunately, they have become a norm for many nurses working at the bedside. 

Toxic nursing environments may be typical in the nursing career, but they surely are not acceptable. That is why more and more nurses are leaving nursing toxic work environments behind and trying their luck as nurse entrepreneurs. 

There is a wide range of business options for nurses if you look hard enough. From starting your own IV hydration business, concierge nursing, homecare, legal nurse consulting, and more, there are a million and one job opportunities for nurses looking to leave unhealthy work environments in nursing behind. 

Benefits of Becoming a Nurse Entrepreneur


It can be difficult to decide on going out on your own and starting your own business. But if you are trying to decide between staying in a toxic work environment and trying your luck as a successful business owner, the decision seems obvious! 

Nurse entrepreneurs enjoy a wide range of benefits, including: 

  • Job Satisfaction- When you go into business for yourself you can leave your toxic nursing environment behind and experience increased job satisfaction, which can improve your overall wellness. 
  • Earnings– You don’t have to worry about management putting a cap on your salary. Nurse entrepreneurs can make 7 figures, or even more by working for themselves. 
  • Work-Life Balance- When you’re in a nursing toxic work environment your personal life and work life begin to mesh. Not only will most toxic work environments in nursing overwork you, but the stress you bring home, just isn’t worth it. Going into business for yourself can restore a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Career Development- A toxic work environment renders your ability to move up the ladder. But when you start your own business, you can reach new heights in your career and personal life! 


Time to Take Control


At NursePreneur we are passionate about helping nurses like you get out of unhealthy work environments in nursing and take control of their careers by becoming nurse entrepreneurs. With a wide selection of classes and courses designed especially for nurse entrepreneurs, we help you leave your toxic work environment in nursing behind and join the world of entrepreneurship where you can earn more and take control of your schedule. 

You do not have to put up with a nursing toxic work environment any longer. It’s time to start your own nursing business today! Book a discovery to learn more about becoming your own boss and leaving unhealthy work environments in nursing behind. 

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