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Tools To Get Started In Your Business Today

We are frequently asked about the different tools and resources we simply cannot function without, so we created this page to help you get started. 

Some things you need now, and some things can wait.  It all depends on what you want to do, so check out the best of the best resources we’ve found and use on an almost daily basis.

Essential Tools - Website, URLs & Design


The URL is the PO Box of your website.  It doesn’t really matter where you get this, but it can make life easier if you buy the URL with your hosting.  When the URL and Site Host are in the same place there is no messing around with DNS and nameservers and that crap!  You can get Namecheap, Bluehost, Siteground etc.


Site Hosting on the other hand does matter a lot!  We strongly recommend SiteGround as their support is unbelievable.  If you mess something up, your PhP files have made your site wonky, you have no idea what a php file is, SiteGround will help you in any mess any time.  Bluehost is our second favorite site hosting.


We build everything on WordPress, which is free and then use a visual page builder called Divi.  We love building in Divi, though Elementor is also a versatile, easy to use drag & drop builder that is customizable and ready to grow with you – without paying designers!

Don’t want to bother with building a website at all?  We’ll do it for you.. DesignByNursePreneurs.com


Essential Tools - List Building

Email Service

Active Campaign, hands down the most robust and affordable email service provider out there that will grow with you and do what you need it to do.  If you collect emails, you MUST have an email service provider to avoid spamming people.  Just get Active Campaign, it’s worth $9 per month.


You will need a scheduling service to set up appointments and phone calls.  Come off professional with personalized links to your schedule and don’t ever do the back and forth emailing – what time are you available? again. Acuity Scheduling is incredibly robust and will grow with you.


Canva is a life changer.  Get a free account with Canva as soon as possible!  You can resize images, get the right dimensions from the start, stay consistent in your branding and look professional all for free!  You can upgrade to business for $120/year.  It’s a steal.

Essential Tools - Software We Love

1. LeanDomainSearch.com – find .com variations for your business (if the one you want is taken)

2. WeTransfer.com – transfer large files like video to anyone (video is too big for email files!)

3. Temi.com – inexpensive and largely accurate transcription service

4. Genius Scan – an app to take pictures on your phone.  Buy lifetime service for $8 and upload directly to Google drive

5. Google Drive – use it!  It’s a life saver and it comes part of Google Business – use this too.  Get your own customized gmail account that uses your domain name (ie. @catieharris.com is a professional gmail account)

5. Adobe.com – for PDFs, editing, organizing, rewrittable, get signatures, and so much more.  The Document Cloud is all you need, but you might be interested in their other options such as photoshop (canva is easier), stock photos (there are other great free options though).

6. Stripe.com and Paypal.com to set up quickly for payment processing.  Also I know people love Square.

7. Payfunnels.com to interface with Stripe (Stripe is not user friendly at all, but very convenient for getting your money!)

8. Royalty free images – Unsplash.compexels.compixabay.com (please do not take random pictures off the Internet!)

9. Soundcloud.com – audio hosting for podcasting

10. Vimeo.com – video hosting.  You tube is good too, but for ad free, professional videos for membership sites, you’re going to need something like Vimeo or Wistia.

11. Jotform.com – for forms and even builds funnels for you.  There is a bit of a learning curve, but you can do simple things that make your life incredibly easy and more complex funnels when you are ready.

12. Asana.com – for project management.  A lot of people like Trello, but get something!

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