F.O.C.U.S: Tips For Keeping Motivated When Writing Your First Book
Focus to writing a book

Eric Dorsey knows a thing or two about what it means to juggle a nursing career and become a successful novelist, and the consensus is in–it’s difficult! Between Amazon ads and getting people to actually read your book, there are a lot of hoops that authors have to jump through to become successful well-known authors. While Eric discusses these tribulations on our call (check that here) he mentions that sometimes the most difficult part of writing a book or novel is just getting started. 

There are plenty of things that get in our way. Whether it be your nursing career, family, or just blatant lack of motivation, there are 1,000 and 1 things that we can attribute to keeping us distracted. And you know what? All of them are valid. But failure loves excuses–so if you’re planning on writing a book then you just kind of need to do it! 

Easier said than done, I know. But if you’ve got the itch to write a book or novel, and don’t seem to have the motivation to get it done we’ve got one word for you…F.O.C.U.S. 

If you’re struggling to focus and get your ideas on paper then check out these tips and tricks that will help you complete your first book: 

Find the perfect space. 

Where you decide to write has an impact on your success. Is your writing area free of distractions? Does your family keep interrupting you? Do you have the proper setup? Finding the perfect space may not necessarily mean writing from home. This could mean writing at a nice café or renting out an Airbnb for the weekend.  

Offer rewards for a job well done. 

It’s okay to celebrate little victories. Offer yourself rewards when you reach writing goals. This will help you stay motivated to keep going, even when the going gets tough. This can look like treating yourself to dinner when you finish a chapter, or a mini-vacation once your book is complete. Just make sure the reward matches the victory. 

Commit to a routine. 

It’s easy to put off writing for later–especially when you live a busy lifestyle. But setting up a routine and committing is key to completing your first novel. Even if you can’t write more than twice a week, allot a period of time on a regular basis where you can sit down and get some writing done. This also helps you stay engaged with your story/plot. 

Understand your audience. 

Writing compelling content has a lot to do with research. Talk to your (potential) readers and get their unique perspective. Ask questions. Read books. If you’re writing a novel, look into the current trends. If you’re writing an informational guide then ask the right questions. While writing does require creativity, it also requires research, so understanding your audience is key. 

Set writing deadlines.  

When you’re writing your first book you need to hold yourself accountable. This means setting deadlines on chapters and your rough draft release date. If you edit as you go, you’ll never finish your book. Just try and focus on meeting deadlines and leave the editing for last. 

Focusing on your writing doesn’t have to be a chore. If you put in the time and effort it will all pay off in the end. 

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