Tips For Hiring All-Star Caregivers For Your Business

In recent years we’ve seen an increase in home health practices. From senior care to concierge nursing services and more, there are plenty of opportunities for nurses to exercise their passion for helping others, all while running their own successful businesses! 

If you own your own home health business, or you’re just getting started, then you may discover that finding good caregivers can be a challenge. 

LPN & Founder of Companion Care Brittany Hofmeister has cracked the code and shared some tips for success when hiring caregivers for home health businesses. By focusing on her employees, rather than the numbers, Hofmeister has composed a team of more than 50 caregivers at her headquarters alone and even more at her three other locations throughout Ohio and Florida. 

Here are some way you too can hire an all-star team of caregivers for your home health business: 

Train-up workers to be the best they can be!

Even if you’re the best of the best, there’s always room for growth. If you don’t have the all-star team that you’ve always dreamed of, then you can create one by providing education, courses, and training to improve your caregiver’s bedside manner and skill set. Investing in workers almost always pays off! 

Don’t be afraid to weed-out caregivers that aren’t performing. 

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of being a business owner is having to let people go. However, if you have a caregiver that’s underperforming, or just not aligned with your vision, it may be best to cut them loose. This frees up your business from burdensome workers and allows them to go out and find another role that’s better suited to their needs. 

Invest in part-time workers. 

If you’re struggling to build your team, it may be because you’re asking too much of your workers. Many caregivers choose to work part-time or for multiple home health companies to fill up their schedule. Don’t hesitate to take on part-time workers!

Make your home health agency a place where people want to work. 

With an increase in home health agencies across the nation, the competition is hot when vying for quality caregivers. The best way you can entice quality caregivers is by making your business a place that people want to work at. This includes things like paying a good wage, providing educational opportunities, and really listening to the wants, needs, and desires of your team! Taking these steps can also increase employee retention. 

Check out my chat with  Brittany Hofmeister here for more tips and tricks on hiring an all-star caregiver team for your home health business. 

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