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Nurse Sharena grew up thinking she wanted to be a pediatrician and a mom of 10 kids!  However, her life’s passion and purpose led her to become a nurse in 2006 (and mom of 3).

She has her MSN degree in Informatics and works as a school nurse in a specialty school for kids aged 4-22 years.  Sharena’s love of her students, her kids and her nursing career led her to wonder what else she could do.  When she realized she was already doing what she wanted to be doing.

All she needed to do was wrap a business model around her passion and purpose.  When Sharena looked around to see how kids decided to go into healthcare, she found very few resources.  This led her to create the resource that was missing.  She founded the Tiny Docs Initiative to teach kids about careers in healthcare.

Sharena does birthday parties, aftercare events, daycare events.  Her youngest student was 3 years old!  She makes learning fun for the kids and educational/informative at the same time.

Sharena says even the parents have fun and learn more about the healthcare industry.

If you have a group of 6 in the Tallahassee/Georgia area, be sure to look up Sharena and her thriving business:   www.TinyDocsInitiative.com

Or find her on Instagram and Facebook under the same brand name.

Don’t Miss Moments:

  • How Sharena came up with her idea.
  • What Sharena does with the kids to make the experience memorable and exciting.
  • How Sharena was able to teach a 3 year old about the heart chambers
  • Sharena’s business plan and vision for the future of Tiny Docs
  • How Sharena got her big break in the media

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