Three Useful Tips for Traditional Marketing
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Traditional marketing refers to good old fashioned marketing strategies used before the takeover of the digital era. We are talking brochures, word of mouth marketing, cold calls, and all those methods that great entrepreneurs before us used to get clients. 

While digital marketing is the new norm, there is still some value in traditional marketing and it should not be ignored. However, if you are planning on taking the traditional marketing path, then you need to be intentional about how you do it. 

If you choose to take a traditional approach to marketing, you need to do it right, and according to successful nurse entrepreneur Talacquea Harper of Prestige Concierge Nursing Services, the right way is to make an impression.  

Walking on foot to various surgical centers, Talacquea learned a lot about what works in traditional marketing, and what doesn’t. Here are Talacquea’s tips for making a good impression when marketing your business the traditional way: 

  • Brochures– Never leave your lead empty-handed. If you want to win over your lead, leave them with some literature about your business. Sure, you can share your website with them but there’s no real way of telling if they gave your site a look. Leaving a brochure is a tangible way of getting them excited about your business. Even if they don’t open it up, they will still see the front page of your brochure with your logo on it, keeping you fresh in their mind. 
  • Follow-Up Calls– Talacquea always follow-ups her visits with a call. Follow-up calls not only convey professionalism and dedication, but they make your lead feel pursued. Almost like a new relationship, follow-up calls show your lead that you are serious about developing a professional relationship. 
  • Make a Friend– Talacquea knows that the best way to get to care coordinators is to make friends with the receptionist. It may seem simple or even silly, but making friends has gotten Talacquea a long way. She even likes to leave a gift here and there to really warm up her leads–and hey, it works! 

Tune into my Podcast to learn more about Talacquea Harper and other successful nurse entrepreneurs that are sharing their tips and tricks for growing a successful business. 

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