3 Reasons Why Mentorship Is Important When Starting a Business
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Starting a new business can be a lonely and terrifying venture. As you walk out into the unknown, who’s in your corner encouraging you with a steady hand?  Who’s there to lend an ear when you’re having a rough day? Who’s there to inspire you to be the best that you can be? 

We all need someone to inspire us and be a trusted ally. Mentors are often that person, and when you find a good mentor there’s nothing you can’t do! 

Much like a sports coach, mentors pass their trusted advice onto mentees to help them navigate unknown waters with ease. Through their own lessons learned, mentors can help prospective business owners avoid common pitfalls and provide encouragement when the going gets tough. In fact, mentorship is so important in business that over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have mentorship programs!

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with CRNA Dennis James, who is the founder of CRNA Info, a mentorship program for future CRNAs. While Dennis knows a thing or two about starting his own business, his mentorship program is specifically designed to help prospective CRNAs navigate the complexities of CRNA schooling. 

On our call, Dennis discusses the importance of mentorship when it comes to emotional support and preparation. Much like starting the taxing and rewarding process of CRNA training, starting a business has its own unique set of challenges–and mentors can help you face those challenges head-on. 

Here are three reasons why mentorship is an important part of any start-up: 

  • Mentors Provide Wisdom & Perspective 

Large businesses often have a group of administrators that offer guidance on important decisions. However, when you’re first starting your business, oftentimes it’s just you out there on your own. Having a mentor provides you with wisdom and perspective. 

Much like a counsel of administrators, mentors provide you with a different point of view so you can make informed decisions with the whole picture in mind. Unfortunately, not all ideas are good ones. Your trusted mentor can help you sort through your ideas to find the winners and trash the bad ideas.

  • Mentors Call You Out When You’re Headed Into The Flames

Half of the value of mentorship is having a trusted confidant that can tell you what you need to hear, even when you don’t want to hear it! The purpose of mentorship is direction, so if you’re headed down the wrong path in the early days of your business, your mentor has a responsibility to get you back on course to ensure long-term success. 

The beauty of having a mentor is having someone that’s paved the way before you–so you know that you’re getting sound advice. 

  • Mentors Lend A Listening Ear 

Sometimes you don’t need advice. Sometimes you don’t need perspective. Sometimes you don’t need pearls of wisdom. When you’re starting a business sometimes all you need is someone to lend a listening ear. 

It’s rough out there for entrepreneurs, having a sounding board that understands the challenges of entrepreneurship can make all the difference. Just remember that challenges come and go, don’t get stuck on the negative! Have your moment and then move forward. 

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