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Susan Lunning is an RN, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, and owner of the Whole Health Way. A long way from her beginnings as a medical secretary, Susan exercises her passion for helping people through transformative health and wellness coaching. 

In 2011 Susan embarked on her own personal journey to understanding herself and finding her true calling. Through working with her family doctor, functional medicine, energy medicine, and more, Susan began to express herself through acting and exploring alternative healing outlets to aid her own healing and the healing of others. 

After working closely with brain injury patients, Susan discovered her true authentic self and became a Life Master Consultant. 

Susan is passionate about helping others live in their purpose and reach optimal wellness through holistic healing and health practices. Whole Health Way helps patients achieve their goals through energetic blueprints and ongoing professional support. Whole Health Way incorporates a range of healing practices such as: 

  • Health Coaching 

  • Brain Injury Coaching 

  • Dream Builder Program 

  • Reiki Healing, and more! 

To learn more about Susan Lunning and the Whole Health Way visit https://thewholehealthway.com/ or call (515) 724-4024 

Don’t Miss These Moments:

→ Susan’s personal journey to self-discovery 

→ How Susan used acting to express herself 

→ Overcoming fear & the importance of self-care 

→ Holistic health to support patients in reaching personal & health goals 

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