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Erica Donovan, RN and director of The Paediatric Nurse, accounts her experiences working in clinical nursing in New Zealand and her journey of getting The Paediatric Nurse off the ground. Erica connected with her work partner Brooke Batchelor as a freelancer on her blog The Nurse Path and now maintains the positions of director, social media manager & educator of The Paediatric Nurse. 

Evolving from an educational blog to an online community of nurses, The Paediatric Nurse offers interactive education & hosted webinars to fulfill CPE & CE by addressing a range of topics such as: 

  • Nurse Self Care 

  • Childlife Play Therapy 

  • Acute Rheumaic Fever

  • Refugee Health

  • Gender Diversity 

  • Grief, and more

Erica also discusses the importance of providing pediatric nurses with universal and relevant content, rather than irrelevant filler courses provided by healthcare institutions. By finding qualified professionals to share their knowledge, The Paediatric Nurse aims to provide relevant education that’s applicable in the pediatric field. 

To get involved in The Paediatric Nurse and/or explore pediatric credit opportunities, visit https://www.thepaediatricnurse.com/ today!

Don’t Miss These Moments:

→ The evolution of The Paediatric Nurse from blog to online community 

→ Importance of relevant content for pediatric nurses 

→ Finding webinar speakers to provide educational courses 

→ What’s next for The Paediatric Nurse 

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