The Successful Nurse Coaches

The Successful Nurse Coaches

The Successful Nurse Coaches. As a self-proclaimed “seeker”, Laura Minard established her nursing career in her 30s. Working in the ICU and experiencing her own health battles, Laura began to explore holistic healing practices that ignited her passion for helping others and finding alternative healing avenues. 

After facing extreme moral distress and burnout in her nursing position, Laura sought out nurse coaching and hit the ground running, focusing all her energy on growing her own practice with partner Shelby Kurz–The Successful Nurse Coaches! Going door to door and leaving no stone unturned, Laura began coaching for free and relying on referrals to grow her client base. 

Now Laura serves healthcare providers and new nurse coaches through apprenticeships and mentorship programs, addressing external circumstances to find pathways to success. Through calls, workshops, and programs, Laura translates her passion for helping others by helping nurses grow their coaching practices. 

To learn more about Laura’s practice visit https://thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/about or join the Facebook community here

Don’t miss these moments:

  • Laura’s journey from nurse to nurse coach. 
  • Marketing and growing a client base. 
  • Changing external circumstances to find success. 
  • Laura’s vision for growing The Successful Nurse Coaches.  

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Want to be our guest on the NursePreneur Podcast?  We are looking for NursePreneurs who are living their passion in their business.

We want to inspire nurses to be like you.  If you are an experienced NursePreneur, making an impact on the world and helping others, then we would love to chat!

Before applying, you should have a website and a successful business model.  No MLM or businesses that “tripled your income and got you out of nursing”, we want nurses who are proud to be in nursing.


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