The Power of Instagram: 4 Reasons Why Your Business’s Instagram Account Matters
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If you’re like the typical social media user, then you spend an average of 140 minutes on social media platforms per day. Now, this can come as a real shock, and if you’re tempted to get professional help, we wouldn’t blame you. 

However, if you’re an entrepreneur you can use the world’s social media addiction to your advantage; and amongst the most popular social media platforms is Instagram. 

In a recent chat with Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist and founder of Baby Strokes, Melanie Wattles, I was left to think about the power of Instagram marketing. Even if your Instagram account isn’t filled with adorable pictures of babies, like Melanie’s, Instagram is a helpful tool that can increase brand awareness and win clients–incorporating Instagram into your social media marketing strategy is a must! 

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why your business’s Instagram account matters: 

  • Instagram allows you to paint a picture for your audience and create lasting connections. 

You’ve heard it said before, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the same goes for Instagram posts. Instagram is a place where users can tell a story. More than sharing a simple meme or article, you can hop on your Instagram and make a personal connection with your audience. As humans, we’re natural storytellers, tapping into that can have a profound impact on converting leads and connecting with a global audience. 

  • Instagram allows you to engage with your followers directly. 

Did you know that Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of all social media platforms? Authentic engagement through likes, follows, hashtags, and DMs can foster loyal clients and increase sales.

  • Instagram enables you to entice leads with visual content. 

Guess what? Visual content has more than 600% higher engagement than basic content (text)! I think that the statistic speaks for itself, but if you’re still confused the solution is simple–post high-quality images to engage followers! 

  • Instagram allows you to keep an eye on the competition. 

Even if you don’t use Instagram, your competitors probably do. Curious about what sales and promotions they have coming up? Check Instagram. Want to know the cost of their services? Check Instagram. Interested in knowing how your competitors are connecting with their followers? Check Instagram. 

If your business doesn’t already have an Instagram account, then what are you waiting for?! 

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