The First Step In Becoming A NursePreneur
The First Step In Becoming A NursePreneur

Declaring your intentions is an extremely powerful starting point when starting any new adventure. Whether you are starting a new career, a new journey, a new language or a new relationship, when you declare your intentions out loud you express your desires.

Declaring your intentions is a compelling starting point when starting any new adventure. Whether you are starting a new career, a new journey, a new language, or a new relationship, when you declare your intentions out loud, you express your desires.

In a classic Indian study, “you are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your purpose is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny.” When you equate declaring your intentions with fulfilling your destiny, you start to understand the impact and power the simple words can have on your life.

Declarations of intention are like seeds of consciousness that only grow when you nurture them.

Public declarations of intention are even more powerful because now you face possible social humiliation if you choose not to follow through with it.

Have you ever asked someone about a new venture they spoke about on a previous occasion, only to watch that person trail off in a myriad of excuses before quickly either finding a new subject to discuss or promptly excusing himself?

Public declarations are powerful and hold us to our intents whether we acknowledge how important other people’s opinions of us are or not. Ultimately, no one wants to feel like they have failed at something in their own eyes, let alone the prying eyes of others.

Social Pressure

Social pressure serves an important purpose in our lives. Let’s face it; it’s easy to let yourself down. I do it all the time when I set a myriad of goals for myself that I can’t do.

I would never give my boss a bunch of intentions of activities I have no intention of completing. But I do it to myself all the time.  Then I get pissed when I don’t accomplish anything. We tend to be somewhat unrealistic with ourselves and very conservative with our intentions with others.

That is why the process of declaring your intention to become a NursePreneur is so important.

If you want to take baby steps, then go in a room by yourself and say the words aloud so only you can hear them.  That is a huge step in the right direction.

Once you become comfortable with saying that you intend to become a NursePreneur, then your ability to tell others will become increasingly easier as well.

If you cringe or apologize when you talk about your intention, then you have a lot of work to do.  It’s a bit of a hill to climb, but it’s worth it.  For those of you who can confidently talk about your intention—Congratulations!!

Becoming a NursePreneur

Start telling everyone you know and let them help you develop your ideas more fully. Part of being a NursePreneur is researching your idea.

Let your friends and family help out in the start. Absorb their input and suggestions, for now. Ultimately, I will tell you to ignore them, but in the beginning, listen to those around you and build a sense of who you are, what you are good at, and what other people think you are good at.

To truly release your intentions, it is important to start with a couple of steps. The first thing you need to do is find some alone time.

You can call this whatever you want—meditation, self-discovery, alone time, but ultimately, you need to let your mind wander and be temporarily bored.

I know the desire to check your email, tweets, Facebook page, and Instagram account is overwhelmingly powerful. However, there is no substitute for downtime for your mind.

This downtime can be in little blurps, such as consider driving home with the radio turned off, jog on the treadmill without your iPod, walk home instead of taking public transportation, sit and stare at the wall for thirty minutes instead of letting the TV blabber on and on.

This downtime is not only good for your brain; it is essential for you to reflect on your expertise and figure out what you can offer.

Let your mind wander and see what you come up with.  Don’t force anything.  If you spend thirty minutes a day, allowing your mind to wander, you will be amazed at the revelations you come up with.

Don’t think about anything, in particular, think about being aware of your surroundings.

Thoughts and ideas will pop into your head without your effort or trying. If you allow intentions to work themselves to the surface of your mind, you will not only come up with a good intention; you will allow opportunities to come your way.

If you allow your intentions to come naturally based on your own experience and passions, they will blossom when the situation is right.

Once you have declared your intention to yourself, make the bold declaration to others.

Sometimes it’s harder to tell friends and family, so experiment with people who don’t know you as well. Then work up the courage to tell friends and family.

When you declare your intention to become a NursePreneur, be sure to be ready to tell people what your expertise is.

Don’t be shy with this one.

If more nurses declared their expertise in the workplace, we would be in a much better place. Again, you have the expertise, so tell people about it. Then tell people the passion you have that will benefit from your nursing knowledge.

You will be amazed at the support you get from others.

Go ahead and declare your intentions and put them in the comments below if you are so brave!

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