Which Business Model Best Fits Your Personality?

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some things come more naturally, are more enjoyable, easier to do than others. In life we gravitate towards what we like to do. But when it comes to setting up a business, most of us don’t truly consider what we want and what we like to do.

This is a mistake, because you can easily leverage your strengths to make your business thrive. Most nurses look at me sideways when I ask them about what they like to do and what they would spend their time doing if money were no object

They say what does that have to do with starting XYZ business?

Aside from everything? 

Here’s the deal… I’ve talked nurses out of business models they originally came to me to help them start. Why? Because the business model they chose and their personalities didn’t align.

One nurse came to me and wanted to do Facebook marketing. In talking to her for less than 5 minutes, I could tell her she wouldn’t be happy doing Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is a backend job where you are making some tedious creative decisions, testing out audiences, headlines, insights. You must have incredible attention to detail and be willing to test various features before finding success.

This type of entrepreneurial work is perfect for the right person, but would be a drudge for an “ideas” person.

Business archetypes are a way that I have used to categorize and connect business models with individual nurses. Archetypes make sense to us because our brains want to organize ideas by groups. When we start seeing commonalities, we are able to better process and understand the why behind doing something.

Our gut begins to relax and we “feel” like it makes sense. 

So, how do archetypes relate to business? As humans, we want to do something that we love, work with people we like and make an impact.

When a business model takes on a primary archetype, people recognize it – they get it and they are more comfortable with it.

But more importantly, when you love what you do, who you work with and the difference you are making, then think about how much more successful you will have the potential to be?

Starting one type of business isn’t easier than another. The reason you think this is because you see someone who is successful at what they are doing and they love it, so it’s tempting to confuse their success with the business being easy. Their personality and business model aligns, their success looks easy, so naturally you think that type of business is easier to make money in.
Not true!

The easiest way to make money in a business is to find a problem in a group who like working with that will make a difference. And it all starts with defining your business personality type to understand what type of business model will work best for you.

The 12 business archetypes that I describe are identified herein. I’ve been using these archetypes to help nurses build and launch businesses that are perfect for their personality.

My programs in NursePreneurs, are built around my belief that when nurses leverage their passions in a structured and organized way, they will not only excel in business, but they will change the world. When we show more of what we are good at doing – success will follow.

You can leverage the business archetypes once you know what your type is. Are you ready to find out? Try my method for identifying your business strength in my Business Personality Quiz. It’s been taken by nurses around the world.

Discover Your Business Archetypes