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Storytelling In Nursing NursePreneur Podcast

rsilia runs a production company called Rogue Nurse Media. She has done 1-person plays and teaches nurses how to find a creative outlet. This podcast was a little different as we got ‘real’ about what nurses are doing and what we *really* think.

In her twenty year Nursing career, Ersilia has held a variety of nursing roles which include: Pediatric Nurse, Charge Nurse, Registry Nurse (PICU, NICU, Mother Baby, and Nursery), Disneyland Health Services Nurse (yes even Mickey Mouse needs a nurse), Strike Nurse, Baby Nurse On Set (Hollywood Studio Nurse), Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Consultant, Nurse Professor/Educator, and Freelance Nurse Writer/ Author.

She wrote and produced her solo show “The Nurse And The Hypochondriacs,” And currently produces: “Nurses And Hypochondriacs,” a storytelling show.

Her upcoming projects include: “The Nurse On The Street” on Youtube, “Nurses And Hypochondriacs Podcast,” “The Well Written Nurse: Writing courses empowering nurses,” and Rogue Nurse Media.

Find out more about Ersilia on her website:

Don’t Miss Moments:

–> How Ersilia got started in her production company
–> What Ersilia teaches nurses how to do
–> What Ersilia thinks of the “stuffy-ness” of nursing
–> Finding creative outlets for nurses and using story to express it
–> What is next for Ersilia with her production company.

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