Start A Wildly Profitable Staffing Agency

Start A Wildly Profitable Staffing Agency.

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a healthcare staffing business, but quickly got overwhelmed, or received a lot of negative feedback from naysayers in your life, then this article is for you..

Nicole Caillier, a nurse with over 14 years of experience in healthcare staffing says that nurses can follow a predictable path to success in opening their own healthcare staffing firm.

Nicole started her first staffing firm in a record 3 months after being fired from her job. Being fired made her realize that she was not indispensable. I think we kid ourselves a lot in nursing believing that no one can replace us, until they do!

As an employee, Nicole didn’t really own her time or didn’t have the freedom she really wanted.
As a single mom, she knew she needed to do something quickly. But what to do first?

Nicole’s first step was understanding what her options were. She had spent several years in an administrative role that involved staffing agency nurses. She knew her system had an issue with curating high quality specialty nurses. When Nicole decided to start her business, she honed in on this area of need.

Nicole’s second step was to start sourcing contracts with hospital systems. Because Nicole had built relationships over the years, she knew who to contact. This is an extremely important step in business.

Your relationships and network are vital!

You can start a business on your own, but if you don’t build up a relationship or network with other people, your business won’t get very far.

Because Nicole’s agency was so young, she did the initial shifts at hospitals on her own. However, now that she has 14 years of experience, she does not recommend that nurses do this. Nurses need to understand that their expertise needs to be working on the business, not in the business.

Nicole believes that healthcare staffing firms have room for massive growth. In 2019, her practice helped launch 100 new healthcare staffing firms and they haven’t even begun to put a dent in this billion dollar market.

The real key to being successful in staffing is choosing a niche where the business curates specialty nurses such as the emergency department, critical care, dialysis, operating room, etc.

Nicole is upfront that starting a healthcare staffing firm isn’t easy. Honestly, no business is, but for the right nurse, there is massive opportunity to thrive, even if the nurse has zero experience.

In fact one of Nicole’s students launched a firm and had 4 contracts in less than 2 months of working with her. Now that is impressive!
If you are a nurse and you’d like more information on how you can start a healthcare staffing firm, you must check out Nicole’s website at She only takes a handful of nurses on as students in an application only process.
If you would like to listen to the entire interview that NursePreneurs did with Nicole, listen here:

A great example of this is my student, Gwen. Gwen created and patented a wedge for patients that are bed-bound.

She has a wedge called the Backbone Wedge, and she has put out stuff in the media about the wedge in particular. But what I told her to do was to talk more about her why. Why did she create the wedge in the first place?

And it turned out that her brother had a spinal cord injury, and that her dad had been in the hospital with pressure sores.

She also had worked as a clinical nurse, and she had seen the heartache and the pain that these patients went through when they didn’t have the proper wedge that would have kept the pressure off their pressure sores. For Gwen, her why became so important, that she finally realized that we had written up a story about her and put it out there.

The media picked it up like wildfire and Gwen was featured in about a hundred and sixty different media outlets, which was really exciting for her.

In the end, remember that the media wants stories. They don’t want you to come to pitch your product or your service to them. It’s not interesting. Right? What is interesting is, Who you are?  

Why you’re doing what you’re doing? In other words, the story behind what you’re doing. If you can find an interesting angle about your story, you can pitch that to the media and there’s a very strong chance of getting featured in the medium.

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