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How to start a wildly profitable staffing agency (even if you have no experience).

Maybe you’ve been thinking it would be a great business to start a staffing agency. And after all as a nurse you have lots of nurse connections, so why not?

Then maybe you started looking into the rules and regulations and setting up operational manuals, getting contracts and hiring staff. All of sudden the idea becomes overwhelming.

Enter in Nicole Caillier. Nicole is a nurse who started her first agency 14 years ago. She has since become one of the top 10% of women business owners in the U.S. She has a program and a method that can take you find idea to NursePreneur owning your own agency. She has students who complete the program and have their first contract within 6-8 weeks.

Could you own your own profitable healthcare staffing firm in the next 8 weeks?

Well I will tell you this much… There is no way I would try to do this on my own.

Can it be done? Of course, but if you want it done right and fast, let Nicole show you the way. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Nicole has made a smooth path for you to get started!

Find out more about Nicole at

Don’t Miss Moments

–> What Nicole has to say about creating a micro-niche within this industry

–> How nurses could potentially have their first contract within weeks

–> Why this is a great business for nurses to enter

The NursePreneur Podcast · Start A Wildly Profitable Healthcare Staffing Firm


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