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Podcast with Susan Ferese and Catie Harris

This week we got the inside scoop from seasoned nurse entrepreneur Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN, author, and Founder of SJF Communications. With decades of experience running a successful communications business, Susan is a NursePreneur pioneer with experiences in military nursing, ER, nursing education, and many more specialties.

Searching for a transition after getting out of the military, Susan began to explore her personality type (Myers-Briggs) and artistic strengths to find entrepreneurial opportunities. Since 2002 Susan has been a poet, PR manager, marketing director, legal nurse consultant, producer, actor, blogger, promoter, and has worn many more hats depending on her client’s needs. 

As a true artist, Susan is continually finding ways to use her natural talents for emotional processing and business opportunities. To connect with Susan visit or connect with her on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook

Don’t Miss These Moments:  

  • Susan’s extensive experience as an entrepreneur and healthcare worker.  
  • The power of art and communication in healthcare. 
  • How writing helps nurses process emotions. 
  • What’s next for Susan & SJF Communications


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