Shiny Object Syndrome In Nurse Businesses
The Shiny Object Syndrome in Nurse Businessy

Have you ever found yourself chasing after shiny objects trying to start a nurse business?  It’s so hard not to do.  In fact, I’ve spent so much time chasing after shiny objects that it took me years to get a real business off the ground.

Be a legal nurse. Sell skincare. Sell lipstick. Sell glucometers. Sell real estate.

It’s all so easy to do.

EXCEPT it’s not.

What attracts us to shiny objects or the business in a box idea?

For me, it seemed natural. All I needed to do was buy the business in a box and boom; I make money.

All I need to do is to become certified as a coach and boom; I make money.

All I need is a real estate license and training and boom; I make money.

I see this a lot whenever I let people know about my NursePreneur Business Academy. Here’s what happens.

I post a Facebook ad inviting people to a free webinar or an open challenge to learn about what they could start a business doing with their nursing knowledge and skill set, and it attracts the “sleazy salesmen” type.

All of a sudden other people start posting on my Facebook ad and say—

I find it amusing, and there go 50 people chasing after a shiny object. This time glucometers. What’s the catch? You need to buy your stock from that person and learn all about glucometers.

Can you make money? Sure, if you are good at selling glucometers. But here’s the thing. Do you like selling glucometers? Do you want to sell glucometers? Is that your passion?

If it’s not, you are going to suck at it, and then you are going to hate it. And you are out whatever money you spent to chase after a shiny glucometer.

Here’s one for real estate:

She’s a nurse and does real estate. Can you make money selling real estate?

Of course, you can make a shit ton of money selling real estate and if that is what you are passionate about, then go for it. But just because someone else makes money doing something, doesn’t mean you will.

When you see people making a lot of money, it’s because they love what they are doing, and do it well because they have a selling system in place.

And ultimately making money comes down to your ability to position, price, market and sell your product or service.

So even though you get a business in a box-like becoming a legal nurse, you still have to hit the pavement and sell your services to lawyers.

If you want to sell glucometers, you have to establish relationships with people who buy glucometers. Do you have those connections? Would you even know where to start?  Imagine yourself setting up a meeting with a bunch of hospital administrators to pitch your glucometer . . . Could you do it?

If you want to sell real estate, you have to compete for market attention.

My favorite is Rodan + Fields. Signing up seems like a no-brainer, right? All you have to do is sign up to be a consultant and buy their business in a box and boom you make money from what you sell and from everyone who joins your team makes you money, it’s sooooo easy.

EXCEPT it’s not.

Here’s what Amber says (and the 500 other consultants who bombard my LinkedIn with requests to teach me how to be an entrepreneur).

Can you make money selling Rodan + Fields? Of course, you can. The better question though is, do you want to? Be prepared to spend your waking hours learning about the product and then learning how to sell to your friends + family night and day on social media. Harassing people on LinkedIn and chasing after other people’s ads on Facebook.

In reality, do people make money from Rodan+Fields? Well, you can check out Rodan+Fields Income Disclosure Statement for yourself:


90% of their consultants make less than $2000 a year and on average $334/year. So if you are in the top 0.24%, you can make a decent living off $50–100k/year.

It comes down to the fact that you need to sell what you are doing. Whatever you are doing. Business is about relationships and providing a solution to something.

And to be good, you need to love what you are doing. The Rodan and Fields consultants who are making a lot of money LOVE what they are doing and more importantly, they have figured out a system for selling (that they won’t be sharing with you).

You don’t need a business in a box. In an MLM (multi-level-marketing) gig, you get the company in a box, but you also lose most of your profits. You make a 5–10% commission on what you sell.

If it takes the same amount of effort to sell skincare as it does your coaching program where you keep 100% of the profit. Why would you choose to make a 5% profit selling someone else’s stuff over keeping 100% profit selling a product or service you love?

Why do we all run to these shiny objects?

Because we think the hard part is putting the business together? To me, that is the fun part. And quite frankly, the natural part.

Figuring out what you are good at, deciding who you like to work with—this is the best part.

There will be no other time really that you get to choose what you want to do with the exact people you want to work with, then when you start your own business.

And the catch? You get to keep all the money that comes in, and you love what you are doing.

Here’s a challenge for you today:

Figure out what your passion is. I promise you we can monetize just about any idea from creating gadgets to selling happiness (yes, really), but you have to love your idea.

Make a list of all the things you are good at—I don’t just mean swimming and tennis, I mean are you a good listener? Do people come to you with problems? Do save marriages? Are you the best IV placer in the hospital, etc.

Don’t worry about what it means; make a list. And then ask ten people in your life to tell you what you are good at. Don’t argue with them; listen. You’ll start hearing the same stuff come up over and over.

Make that list, and then imagine yourself doing what you are good at all the time. Does that make you happy?

Then we have the beginning of a business idea.

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