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There are a few ways to work with us and join other success NursePreneurs. Check out what we offer below.  And be sure to join our email list to find out what opportunities are coming your way…


The NursePreneur Network

Join us in the NursePreneur Network, a premier membership for nurses in any stage of business.  Each week we have laser focused coaching, mindset magic, business training, social media workshops, guest experts and so much more…

Get The Foundations Started

The Nurse Business Starter Program is for nurses who are overwhelmed by which business, which legal entity, which insurance do I do and when do I need them all?  

In this self-paced crash course on business we walk you through all the steps from finding your idea to registering it with the government.  


Signature Programs

NursePreneurs has 4 signature programs – Nursing By Design, Next Level Marketing, IV Hydration and Concierge Nurses.

We are the leader in all these business programs.

We also host guest NursePreneur Experts who bring top quality programs for our community. 

Find out when the programs are being offered next and what’s coming up this week…

1:1 Coaching

Nothing will catapult you to success faster than 1:1 coaching.  If you value your time above all else, this is what you need.  We work in 90 day blocks to deliver you exactly what you need to move forward in your business.

Catie Harris NursePreneur Business Coaching

Authorized NursePreneur Coaches

Already have a coaching program or business and would like to give back to the nursing community?  Join us as an Authorized NursePreneur Coach.  We will teach you our methodology and then provide you clients to coach!

5 Figure Funnels With Catie

If you have a program that can help nurses in business that is ready to launch and you would like to partner with NursePreneurs to launch it, please complete the form to tell us more.

5 Figure Courses We've Launched For Nurses Like You!