Secrets Of Creating A Successful Nursing Business
Secrets Of Creating A Successful Nursing Business

Secrets Of Creating A Successful Nursing Business

Most successful ventures are planned. Of course there are always examples of accidental millionaires, but they are the exception and not the rule.

Most successful ventures are planned. Of course, there are always examples of accidental millionaires, but they are the exception and not the rule. There is still the lottery if you want to gamble with potential success. For those NursePreneurs who are serious and dedicated to building a business, you will need to plan out your progress.

First, you need to have a long-term vision. I don’t recommend spending too much time on long-term planning, basically because so much is going to change in your first year and there are so many unknown variables to take into account. So, for instance, it is probably a waste of time to budget out a business five years in advance. However, one factor you must have is a vision. It is also helpful to have measures of success.

Write it down

Write down what your long-term vision is on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere that you will see it every day. The long-term vision should speak to why you are creating a business in the first place. What is it that you want to deliver to the marketplace.

This vision will help you when times are tough, or self-doubt starts to creep in (yup happens to all of us!). The next part of long-term planning is coming up with specific measures of success. Don’t be vague on this one, such as I want my company to have lots of members.

Quantify it

Give it a number, say: In one year, I want to have 1000 email subscribers. In five years, I will have 5000 email subscribers. Also, put a number on your business. Using a number will help you to see how much you will have to work to reach that particular number.

For example, if I want to make a million dollars within two years, and my product is priced at $97, then you would need 5000 people a year to purchase your product. Alternatively, if you want to make a million dollars per year, you would need 10,000 people to purchase your product.

This number seems like a large to me, so you might have to rethink this strategy or alter your goals. Maybe instead of the lofty goal of 1 million dollars the first year, you shoot for the $100,000 mark and then build new products and services from that point. Regardless, working backward from where you want to be to where you are will help you determine what needs to get done to achieve your goals.

Work in the short-term

Once you have determined your long term vision and goals, then you need to work in the short term in great detail. I would encourage you to work in six-month increments. What do you think you can reasonably accomplish in six months? Then you need to break down your six-month goals into monthly goals.  To achieve your six-month goal, each month, you will need to accomplish what? Finally, you will need to take each monthly goal and break it down even further into weekly or biweekly goals. What do you need to accomplish each week to attain your monthly goal?

No doubt you will realize rather quickly how what you think you can accomplish in six months will be a lot harder than you think.  Not impossible! However, part of the problem with long term goals thinks there is a lot of time. When you break down your goals into weekly tasks, you learn fast how little time you have. If you have been following along with this email course, hopefully, you have started to set up some of the time-savers that I recommended earlier and organized your life to maximize the available time you do have.

Schedule it

For short term goals, I would schedule the tasks that need to get done on your calendar like an appointment. Essentially you need to schedule an appointment with yourself to achieve each mission. If during the month, you can’t achieve your monthly goal, I would recommend revising your six-month plan and be more honest with yourself about what you can accomplish.

Everyone aspires to earn more money, but wanting to something is not enough. The difference between aspiring for more money and success and achieving that goal is not subtle. There are doers, and there are dreamers. The doers will set their goals and work hard to make them. Dreamers will set goals and allow their internal resistance to block them from achieving it for whatever reason.

Get your sh*t done!

If you want to be a successful NursePreneur and become self-employed, the only way to do it is to get your sh*t done. Map out your long term vision and goals.  Break those goals down into six-month goals,  then map out your monthly goals. Once you have decided what needs to get done each month to move you forward, then start listing those tasks and setting up appointments with yourself to get it done.

Business is not difficult like learning how to become a nurse. Business is much easier and straightforward.

And there is a systematic method to success that if you follow, you will be on a proven path to launching a profitable business. But it all starts and ends with you, your mindset and your idea.  Once you have that in order, then you can start diving into building your business.

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