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Screw The Nine To Five NursePreneur Podcast

Jill Stanton and her husband Josh started Screw The Nine To Five business after spending a few years in affiliate marketing.  Jill found that she wasn’t fulfilled or happy with what she was working on in affiliate marketing.  The opportunity to change arose when she came up with the brain child of helping other people to do what she does – screw the 9 to 5 work schedule.

Jill has been passionate about helping people to understand how mindset issues work and impede us in our businesses.  She helps coaches and online course creators to specialize and super specialize in areas where they have the 10% advantage and become known in their industry.

Ever since making the transition from affiliate marketing to build her personal brand, Jill has found financial and personal success in her business.

Her bootcamps are regularly sold out, but you can catch one of them by going to her website:

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How she got involved with 30 different online businesses and why she got rid of all of them

→ Why Jill made the transition from affiliate marketing to brand marketing

→ Why mindset is the ultimate determinant of your success in business.

→ How coaches and online course creators can cross the 6-figure line in business

The NursePreneur Podcast · Screw The Nine To Five


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