Searching Ideas For NursePreneurs

Looking to find ideas to get started as a NursePreneur?  This is where you start..

Ideas are everywhere.  Wherever you have a problem you have a potential business. 

We love to work with our nurses talking about their amazing expertise.

We are just blown away by how many nurses don’t recognize their value.

No worries though, because we are on a mission to change that.

Maybe you don’t get how your expertise in oncology, neurology, trauma, OR or home care could turn into a cash cow, but it can.  And we aren’t just saying that.  We literally have hundreds of case studies that we want to share with you.

We want to inspire you to look at your knowledge and expertise from a different lens.

Remember whenever there is a problem that someone is willing to pay to solve, you have a business. 

Let’s take a look at how we can help you get started finding and validating your ideas…

1. Listen To Our Podcast

2. Read These Blog Posts...

3. Join One Of Our Courses On Finding Ideas

Nurse Business Starter Program

Unlock your business potential with a powerful action plan designed perfectly for nurses who aren’t sure what an incredible impact their knowledge can have with a simple reframe.

The Offer (Message-Money-Movement)

Nurses: Discover How To Get Your Profitable Businesses Started It all has to do with the Messaging, the Money and the Movement components

NursePreneur Summit $50

This program was created to provide you on demand, up to date information about what top Entrepreneurs and NursePreneurs are doing right now to be successful in areas.

Profitable Idea Blueprint $7

Profitable Idea Blueprint is a beginner's course to help you find your idea and move forward with it. This is especially good for nurses who want to start a business but aren't sure what they can do.

4. Join The NursePreneur Network Membership

This is a low cost membership that is packed with information, resources and strategies that you will need to launch and scale a business.  It’s a quick and easy way to find out if this is the path you want to go on.

You can join for just $39 a month.  Cancel anytime.  Learn more about the Membership by clicking here…