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ReNursing Edu

Our guest Nachole Johnson is a MSN, FNP-BC, and the founder of ReNursing Edu. With nearly two decades of experience in nursing, Nachole worked her way from LPN to Family Nurse Practitioner, starting her business along the way in 2013. 

As her colleagues began to seek her advice on how to start their own businesses, Nachole decided to write a book, which sparked her passion for helping nurses succeed as entrepreneurs and find their purpose. With over 30 published books, Nachole continues to help nurses by creating valuable content. 

Nachole also offers courses for Nurse Practitioners where she can bridge the gap between education and practice in the field. By covering all the bases, Nachole hopes to help students grow in their knowledge through her books and educational materials. 

Whether her students are looking to get out of nursing or change their niche, Nachole helps them navigate the ins and outs of starting a new business. From monetizing services to helping her clients be flexible, Nachole provides clients with guidance and inclusive content to aid in the entrepreneurial process. 

To learn more about Nachole’s courses, books, and educational materials visit https://renursingedu.com/ or get connected on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ReNursingEdu/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

Don’t Miss These Moments: 

  • How Nachole worked her way from LPN to Nurse Practitioner & Author.
  • Bridging the gap with valuable content & courses for Nurse Practitioners. 
  • Helping clients be flexible in their businesses to cater to their client’s needs. 
  • Nachole’s courses (Nurse education, website design, business, and more).

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Want to be our guest on the NursePreneur Podcast?  We are looking for NursePreneurs who are living their passion in their business.

We want to inspire nurses to be like you.  If you are an experienced NursePreneur, making an impact on the world and helping others, then we would love to chat!

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