Concierge Nurses

IV Hydration Masterclass

IV Hydration is a great business for nurses to get started.  It’s perfect for new grads, LPNs, ADNs, BSN.  We will even help you find your medical director.

Learn more on our live webinars.

2021 Webinars:

Jan 13th @ 7pm EST   (Course starts Jan 18th)
Apr 14th @ 7pm EST    (Course starts Apr 19th)
Aug 25th @ 7pm EST    (Course start Aug 30th)

Program Director – Kimble Bradley, MSN, RN

Concierge Nurse Masterclass

Concierge Nursing is about to explode into the forefront of nurse businesses.  Get ahead of the curve by joining our program this year.

Learn more on our live webinars.

2021 Webinars:

Jan 27th @ 7pm EST   (Course starts Feb 1st)
April 21st @ 7pm EST  (Course starts Apr 26th)
July 14th @ 7pm EST   (Course starts July 19th)
Sept 22nd @ 7pm EST  (Course stars Sept 27th)

Program Directors – Kimble Bradley, MSN, RN & Charlene Dimond, RN

Course Creation with NursePreneurs

Nursing By Design

Nursing By Design is a beginner program for nurses with a passion and a desire to share their knowledge and expertise in the world, but don’t know how to turn it into a business.

Jill will teach you how to leverage your ideas into a message that can help your audience.  Come to our live webinar to find out more.

2021 Webinars:

Jan 6th @ 6pm EST  (Course starts Jan 12th)
Mar 3rd @ 6pm EST  (Course starts Mar 9th)
Apr 28th @ 6pm EST (Course starts May 4th)
July 7th @ 6pm EST   (Course starts July 13th)
Sept 8th @ 6pm EST   (Course starts Sept 14th)
Oct 27th @ 6pm EST   (Course starts Nov 2nd)

Program Director – Jill Weberding, RN 

Next Level Marketing

This is an advanced course for students who have started a business, need to build an audience and drive traffic for more exposure.

This program is for nurses in business only.

Cohorts in 2021 Start:

Jan 14th
June 10th
Sept 16th

Program Director – Jill Weberding, RN

Marketing for NursePreneurs

Guest Masterclasses

Guest Program-
Google Ads Masterclass

Join us on Mar 10th to learn how to set up your Google Ads to start driving traffic to your business.

This is a live Masterclass inside our NursePreneur Membership site.  Please join for a $1 for 30 days.  Cancel anytime before the end of 30 days or you will be enrolled in the Membership and charged $39/month on day 31.

Wed Mar 10th at 3pm EST

Guest NursePreneur Expert – Angel Wendel, RN