Prairie Elder Care

Podcast episode with Catie Harris and Michala Gibson

This week on the NursePreneurs Podcast we sat down with Michala Gibson, RN & Founder of Prairie Elder Care. Starting out her career as a CNA, Michala has been in the senior care game for over three decades. 

In 2014 Michala and her sister-in-law opened their own Senior Care facility for seniors with dementia, called Prairie Elder Care. But they didn’t stop there! 

Shortly after in 2018 Michala and her co-founder opened a homestead dementia care facility and farm where Michala and her team provide 24/7 care in a tranquil and village-like environment. 

With a focus on creating a purposeful environment, Prairie Elder Care follows an engagement model that includes control, connection, and community. In the future Michala and her partner hope to expand and continue to spread awareness and education about caring for seniors. 

To learn more about Michala, Prairie Elder Care, and/or purchase Michala’s book, visit You can also follow along on Facebook for a sneak peek into the daily life of Prairie residents. 

Don’t Miss These Moments: 

  • Michala’s extensive experience in Senior Care. 
  • How home design improves dementia care. 
  • Prairie Elder Care engagement model. 
  • Vision for the future! 


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