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Join Catie Harris, the NursePreneur Mentor as she interviews nurses and other business owners who have embraced their expertise and overcome obstacles while coming out on the other side empowered and making an impact in their communities, businesses, and personal lives.  Available on iTunes & Soundcloud

NursePreneur Podcast

About The Podcast

Imagine being inspired by hundreds of nurses in business each week as they share their strategies, tactics, challenges and more with you to help you get started and stay motivated.

Grab your inspiration here every Thursday for a new episode.

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Latest Episodes

Pure Simple Wellness NursePreneur Podcast

Pure Simple Wellness

Elizabeth Girouard is a health coach who specializes in helping people to eat clean diets.   She has helped many clients to uncover hidden food

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Creating A Strategy For Your Life NursePreneur Podcast

Finding Your Life Strategy

Robin Joy Meyers is an International Speaker, Author and Life Strategist.  She has written the book Alone But Not Lonely: Reclaiming your identity and be unapologetically

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It Was Personal: Functional Nutrition NursePreneur Podcast

Functional Nutrition

Sharon went from commercial banker to concerned mom when her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  The medications her son was given made him worse

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A Thriving Business with Medicinal Cannabis NursePreneur Podcast

Medicinal Cannabis

Janna Champagne is the owner and founder of Integrated Holistic Care. She is a registered nurse and certified cannabis nurse in Oregon. Kamron Keep is

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Get More Clients NursePreneur Podcast

How To Get Clients

Michelle McGlade went from Sales and Marketing in Corporate America to becoming a successful business owner in acupuncture. She opened her doors with clients already

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Be A Fit MamaPreneur NursePreneur Podcast

Be A Fit MamaPreneur

Kenya Moses is  a seasoned entrepreneur, women’s well-being and fitness expert, business coach, author and speaker.  She is the Founder & CEO of Be A

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Want to be our guest on the NursePreneur Podcast?  We are looking for NursePreneurs who are living their passion in their business.

We want to inspire nurses to be like you.  If you are an experienced NursePreneur, making an impact on the world and helping others, then we would love to chat!

Before applying, you should have a website and a successful business model.  No MLM or businesses that “tripled your income and got you out of nursing”, we want nurses who are proud to be in nursing.

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