Peace x Piece Wellness Coaching

Podcast episode with Leslie Parran and Catie Harris

What if you could help patients manage their conditions and have complete flexibility in your job? 

That is exactly what our guest Leslie Parran (MS, RN, BCFWC, LEHP, FMCHC, FDN-P, AOCN, BMTCN, CGP, Essential Oil Coach, Founder and Champion Peacemaker, Peace x Piece Wellness Coaching LLC) did! 

As a seasoned healthcare professional with a passion for helping chronically ill patients, Leslie developed an interest for holistic healing and functional medicine. Turning her focus from treating chronic illness for preventing it, Leslie founded Peace X Piece Wellness Coaching

By uncovering the hidden causes of ailments, rather than prescribing medications as a bandaid, Leslie helps her patients take an active role in their wellness and comes alongside them to develop their health goals. 

To learn more about how Leslie is changing lives, visit or send her an email directly at [email protected] 

Don’t Miss These Highlights: 

  • Leslie’s extensive history as a healthcare professional. 
  • Experiencing functional medicine firsthand. 
  • Difference between functional medicine and western medicine. 
  • Customized health coaching tailored to the patient’s goals.


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