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Azella Collins, RN is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.  Azella became a parliamentarian after a PTA meeting that was so poorly organized and ineffective.  Azella took it upon herself to learn how to run meetings. A nurse colleague introduced her to the world of parliamentarians, and Azella found her passion.

Beginning with the basic Parliamentarian course, Azella progressed to attain the highest stature as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.  She has now served as parliamentarian for local, national, and international, Kiwanis, nursing, medical and dental groups.

Because of Azella’s unique specialty and flair for speaking, she was invited to join Edge Women’s Speakers bureau, where she and other women are showcased for speaking events.

Azella has served as Illinois Association of Parliamentarians President and has been recycled many times through the Registered Parliamentarians of Illinois Unit. She is a member of the first National Association of Parliamentarians electronic unit and the Lee Demeter Registered Parliamentarians Unit.

Learn more about Azella on her website: or find out how to have her as a speaker from: 

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How Azella discovered the world of Parliamentarians

→ What a Parliamentarian does

→ Why the function of a Parliamentarian is vital to events

→ How Azella markets her services to organizations

The NursePreneur Podcast · Azella Collins


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