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On Demand Staffing NursePreneur Podcast

Chris Caulfield is a nurse practitioner who saw an opportunity in staffing. From his basement, he came up with the idea of on-demand staffing. Recognizing that his idea would only stay an idea unless he partnered up, he started to look around for synergistic relationships.

Even though Chris has experience in informatics, one of his first partners was someone with extensive experience in that area, who could help forge the technology they would need to create the “uber” of nurse staffing.

Now in multiple states, Chris’ business is filling open and last minute shifts quickly for post-acute settings. IntelyCare solves the nursing shortage through unparalleled matching technology that understands the needs of healthcare facilities and nursing professionals at a hyper-local level to improve care by automatically optimizing and augmenting staff.

To find out more about Chris go to his website: www.intelycare.com

Don’t Miss Moments:

–> How Chris came up with the idea for the staffing agency
–> Why Chris’ idea survived in such a saturated market
–> How on-demand staffing works
–> How to get started with your own idea in healthcare staffing

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