Nursing Tug-of-War: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go is not just a popular rock-and-roll song, it is a harrowing question that all nurse entrepreneurs must ask themselves at some point in their career. Do you stay at the bedside? Or do you join the world of nurse entrepreneurship and make a name for yourself as a nurse business owner? 

 Nursing is the most trusted profession in the world. That’s why when nurse entrepreneurs go into business for themselves it can often feel like they are betraying the trust of their patients, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Choosing the path of nurse entrepreneurship enables nurses to get back to the root of the nursing profession: helping people! 

While the bedside is the most common place to find nurses, nurses are not always able to provide their patients with the best care at the bedside. That is why entrepreneur nurses are exploring other forms of patient care that are separate from the bedside.

Some of the most profitable nursing entrepreneurship opportunities include: 

So the ultimate question for nurses is should I stay, or should I go? 

It is a difficult question to ponder. Do you stay at the bedside because that is what is expected of you? Or do you explore the world of nursing entrepreneurship and enjoy increased earrings, more freedom, and the opportunity to help patients as you chose? 

It seems like a no-brainer for us. But read on if you need a little bit more convincing: 

How COVID-19 Has Changed Nursing


There have been a plethora of reports of nurses leaving the bedside during the pandemic. While the effects of the pandemic have been exhausting for nurses, to say the least, hospitals and other healthcare institutions are left to reassess how they treat nurses, especially during times of crisis. 

Not only are there an overwhelming amount of nursing that report burnout, but during the pandemic many nurses have been said to suffer from trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. 

None of these mental health conditions can be ignored. Yet, hospitals continue to push nurses past reasonable limits, leading to a mass exodus, and for good reason. 

Don’t believe us? Check out these shocking statistics about pandemic nurses: 

  • 43% of hospital RNs have more trouble sleeping than before the pandemic. 
  • Anxiety has increased 57% for nurses. 
  • 61% of nurses report feeling more stressed than before the pandemic. 
  • Nearly 50% of nurses report feelings of sadness and depression. 

If you are a nurse that is experiencing burnout, depression, or other negative feelings, you are not alone. Our nursing workforce will keep crumbling if changes aren’t made. 

The nurse entrepreneurship community is ever-growing, especially in these pandemic times. Nurse business owners are trying their luck at nursing entrepreneurship, and succeeding! From concierge nursing businesses, IV hydration clinics, cannabis consulting, and more, there are several profitable business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs. 

National Nurses in Business Association


While nursing entrepreneurship has gained traction during pandemic times, it is certainly not a new concept. Currently, entrepreneur nurses only make up a small percentage of nurses in the US. However, the National Nurses in Business Association has been around for nearly four decades. 

Just like many nurse entrepreneurs today, nurses in past generations have craved the freedom and independence that comes along with nurse entrepreneurship. That is why the National Nurses in Business Association was formed in 1985. 

Founded by a critical care nurse from California, what started out as a simple newsletter grew into an entire association of entrepreneur nurses supporting each other through workshops, seminars, and educational conferences.

Whether you are interested in joining the National Nurses in Business Association or not, there is something to be learned, and that is that thousands of nurses just like you are experiencing extreme success through nurse entrepreneurship. 

What it really boils down to, is why not start your own business and make a name for yourself as a nurse entrepreneur? 

Why Become a Nurse Entrepreneur? 


There are a million and one compelling reasons to quit your hospital job and join the world of entrepreneur nurses. If you are having trouble coming up with your own reasons why you should explore nursing entrepreneurship, check out these benefits of becoming a nurse business owner: 

  • More Freedom- Nursing entrepreneurship enables nurses to have the freedom to take control of their own lives and schedules. Bedside nurses have little control over their schedules, but nurse business owners are free to choose their working hours as it fits their lifestyle. 
  • Increased Earrings- While your earrings as a bedside nurse are often capped, nurse business owners enjoy increased earring of six, seven, or even eight figures! Your success is completely in your hands as a nurse entrepreneur. 
  • Exercising Passion- When it comes down to it, nurse entrepreneurs get to do what they love every single day. Why be constrained to the bedside and paperwork when you could be doing what you became a nurse to do–helping people! No matter what your business idea may be, you can still help patients achieve wellness and live better by being an entrepreneur nurse. 

Time For a Change


Let’s end the internal tug-of-war battle, shall we? It’s time to stay out of your head and start a nursing business today! 

Every day nurse entrepreneurs just like you are taking control of their careers and leaving the bedside to pursue nurse entrepreneurship. Nursing entrepreneurship looks different for everyone, and at NursePreneurs we are passionate about helping entrepreneur nurses like you get out of their own heads and pursue their dreams of becoming nurse business owners. It’s normal to have anxiety about starting your business–that’s why we’re here to help! 

Book a discovery call today and see how NursePreneurs can help you in your journey of becoming a successful nurse business owner! Now is the time to take control of your future and become a nurse entrepreneur-what are you waiting for?

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