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Aliya Aaron worked as an IT consultant in nursing when she saw the need to connect nurses and healthcare.  Working as a one-woman band show Aliya started AMR Healthcare as an IT consultant company to help firms to create information systems that improved the workflow.

She slowly built up a core team with software developers and engineers so they could tackle bigger issues that her clients asked of her – that is building custom built software.

Her one-woman consulting gig turned in to a team that creates software and solutions.  While it’s easy to look at Aliya now and say she was a shoe-in for success from the get-go, there were a few things that she did that were vital (and did not guarantee) her success.

Aliya was a nurse first and foremost.  She had some background in information technology and she worked with frontline nurses to create solutions to workflow.  She listened to what her clients were telling her – that they wanted custom solutions. Aliya didn’t have a background in software development, so she took classes to build up her understanding.  Because she was strategic in gaining specific knowledge, she was now able to translate the medical jargon and IT jargon so it produced an outcome everyone wanted.

You may have an idea of what you want your business to be, but being flexible and always listening for the core problem is essential to growth and sustainability.

Aliya also started the Nursing Innovation Hub, which is an international collaborative effort to connect nurses with software developers.  Aliya’s vision was to give nurses a safe place to pitch their ideas and become empowered to create the solution by giving them the guidance they need to see their ideas come to fruition.

If you have any ideas of how to improve technology, it’s worth joining this free innovation hub and getting paired up with a software developer.  There is no harm in pitching an idea, and who knows unless you try…

Aliya’s consulting firm for custom software solutions for startups and major healthcare organizations:  

Nursing Innovation Hub: 

Aliya’s email address is [email protected] 

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