Six Nursing Business Cards Templates That Get You More Clients

Every day nurse entrepreneurs are leaving their day jobs and pursuing their dreams of creating highly portable healthcare businesses. While having a great business idea may come easy, marketing and networking are not. 

From social media marketing, cold calling, and more, there is work to be done. But today we are going to chat with you about one of the most affordable marketing tools that you can keep handy– business cards for medical professionals! 

To the emerging generation, business cards may seem outdated. But the reality is that business cards will never go out of style. As a tangible piece of marketing that you can keep on you at all times, the business card is one of the most powerful and basic networking tools at your disposal, so if you do not already have a business card, why on earth not? 

It also just feels really great when you can hand someone a medical business card as proof of your success. 

If you are just getting started with your business, or you have been in business for a while and have never created healthcare business cards, then you are in luck. Not only are we here to provide you with nursing business card templates, but we are here to provide you with FREE nursing business card templates. 

But before we get to registered nurse business cards let’s get into the specifics of why business cards are a good idea. 

Here’s Why Healthcare Business Cards Will Never Go Out of Style 


We live in a digital age, yet medical business cards are still a necessity. You may be wondering, why? Here are some reasons why healthcare business cards will never be obsolete: 

  • Simplicity & Ease of Use

You never know when you are going to encounter a potential client or make a business connection that will change your life. But you need to be prepared for when you do. Business cards for medical professionals are an instantaneous way to share your information and make a good first impression. 

  • Inclusion 

This may be a shocking reality for you, but believe it or not there are a lot of individuals that do not have smartphones. So when you make those important connections for the first time, you can’t always rely on the digital exchange of information. If you want to network with a wide range of people then you need healthcare business cards handy. 

  • Leave a Good Impression 

People tend to give their business to companies that feel trustworthy. If you are telling someone about your highly successful business, but do not have proof that it even exists, then they are likely not going to give you their business. When you need to add legitimacy, you need medical business cards. 

  • Promotion

It is obvious that business cards for medical professionals act as a reminder of your business. But when you get creative with your healthcare business cards, they can take on an entirely new meaning. Add a promotion or special offering to your business cards and see how your business can grow. Reference our free nursing business card templates at the end of this article for an example. 

  • A Cultural Tradition 

Not only are registered nurse business cards good for networking, but medical business cards are a worldwide tradition and consistent for businesses of all trades, all sizes, all ages, and all cultures. When you exchange healthcare business cards you are speaking an international language. 

  • One-Time Investment 

If you play your cards right, no pun intended, then your medical business cards are a one-time investment that can last for years to come. Search online for affordable healthcare business cards in bulk. You may be surprised just how affordable business cards for medical professionals can be. Just make sure that all information on your card is correct before putting in an order for 5k fresh medical business cards. 

  • Proven Growth 

Even though you will find a huge potential client base online, there is nothing that neats old-fashioned medical business cards that can easily slip into your wallet. With tangible business cards for medical professionals, nurse entrepreneurs can keep their companies fresh in their potential client’s minds anytime they open their billfolds.

The bottom line, no matter how many steps we take toward going all digital, nothing beats that little rectangle of pure marketing genius that we call the medical business card. 

10 Design Tips for Creating Effective Registered Nurse Business Cards


You have put in countless hours studying to become a registered nurse, your registered nurse business cards should reflect your hard work and professionalism. Before we show you our FREE nursing business cards templates, read through this list of pro design tips for creating medical business cards that are not only attractive, but effective. 

  1. Clarity– Your business card needs to be easy to read with text that is not only clear, but large, straightforward, and attractive. Having an unclear healthcare business card is a surefire way to lose your audience. 
  2. Target the Right Audience– As a nurse entrepreneur, your registered nurse business card needs to be relatable to your business. For example, if you are starting a medspa, your business card should have serene colors and maybe even a small graphic related to your business. 
  3. Be On Brand– This tip for creating effective business cards for medical professionals is pretty straightforward. If you come across a nursing business card template that you like, make sure that you change the colors, fonts, and design elements to match your business’ branding. 
  4. Include the Basics– The purpose of your business card is to create awareness, so make sure to include the following elements when creating your medical business cards:
  • Full Name 
  • Qualifications 
  • Company Name 
  • Job Title 
  • Complete Contact Info
  1. Design Guidelines– It is important to remember that at the end of the day your healthcare business cards are a piece of marketing material that need to follow basic design guidelines, such as: 
  • Legible font size for easy reading 
  • 300 dpi for best image quality 
  • Main copy at least 5 mm from the edge 
  1. Effective Communication– Your brand has a unique voice. You need to stay true to your voice when adding written content to your healthcare business cards. However, you should remember that all content added to your medical business cards should be brief and straightforward. 
  2. Blank Space– When it comes to registered nurse business cards, blank space is not a bad thing. The effective use of blank space can draw attention to the important information on your card. If your card seems overcrowded then it likely will not be effective in capturing your recipient’s attention. 
  3. Value Statement– Capture your reader’s attention with a bold value statement that sets you apart from your competitor. This also helps you create a foundation of trust with your prospective clients. 
  4. Proofread– We can not reiterate this point enough. Before you invest in 1,000 copies of your healthcare business cards, you need to proofread your design and then proofread it again. After you have edited your business cards and you are sure that no mistakes are present, send it to a trusted friend to proofread one more time. 
  5. Professional Printing– Not every healthcare business card printing agency is going to provide you with high quality printing. Do some research on printing companies and the materials they use before you decide to print your registered nurse business cards in bulk. Keep in mind that most reputable printing companies will provide you with a sample before you decide to print in bulk. 

6 Nursing Business Cards Templates That Get You More Clients


Now that you know the value of an effective medical business card, and you have the knowledge needed to create attractive business cards for medical professionals, it is time for you to get started on your design. 

If you are looking for a little inspiration, or a ready-to-go FREE nursing business card template you can use directly, then check out these six nursing business card templates below: 

Remember that even though these templates give you a great starting point, you will need to customize these healthcare business card designs to match your branding, which includes colors, fonts, written content, value statement, etc. 

  • Medspa Template



  • Health Coaching Template



  • IV Hydration Template



  • Home Health/Concierge Nursing Template



  • Legal Nurse Consulting Template



  • Cannabis Consulting Template 



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