Nurses in Business: Adapting and Adjusting After You Start

“All failure is failure to adapt, all success is successful adaptation.” – Mex McKeown 

As humans we need to adapt and change to thrive in an ever changing world. But why is it that the traditional healthcare system has failed to adapt with the times? 

One could suggest that the traditional healthcare system’s failure to adapt is directly linked to its failure to provide optimal patient care. That’s where adaptation model nursing comes in. 

In this article we are going to be talking about adaptive nursing. Not only will we provide you with some insight into the technical world of adaptive nursing, but we will explore alternative business opportunities for nurses that want to utilize an adaptation model of nursing as business owners. 

We are also going to offer you some pro tips and tricks for adapting to the world of entrepreneurship so you can crush your first few months as a nurse entrepreneur and manage the stresses of starting a new business with ease. 

Read on to learn all about the wonderful world of adaptive nursing and starting your own adaptive nursing and healthcare service!

Adaptation Model of Nursing 


Have you ever heard of adaptive nursing? The adaptation model of nursing was first developed by Sister Callista Roy in 1976. and nursing has not been the same since. 

Based on the foundational belief that adaptations occur when patients and healthcare providers respond positively to environmental changes, adaptation model nursing recognizes the importance of health in a patient’s life which includes a health-illness continuum. 

As a goal-based style of nursing, adaptive healthcare examines several facets of a patient’s existence and views them as a thriving ecosystem that have the power to impact physical wellbeing. 

The four modes of adaptive nursing and healthcare services are as follows: 

  • Physiological Needs
  • Self-Concept 
  • Role Function
  • Interdependence

Given that these modes are adapted, nurses can provide optimal care that contributes to the health, quality of life, and enhanced environmental interactions of patients.

However, when nurses are working in traditional healthcare settings, there is often no room to offer adaptive healthcare services, which is why patients are not receiving the adequate care they deserve. 

Adaptive Nursing and Healthcare Services


Every day nurses just like you are leaving the bedside to offer adaptive healthcare services outside of traditional hospital settings. Following an adaptation model of nursing, nurse business owners are appealing to ten key assumptions of adaptive model nursing, which include: 

  1. People are bio-psycho-social beings.  
  2. People are constantly interacting with environmental changes. 
  3. People use learned and biological coping mechanisms to cope with an ever-changing world.
  4. Illness and health are inevitable in a person’s life.
  5. People must adapt in order to positively respond to the world around them.
  6. A person’s ability to adapt is a function. 
  7. A person’s adaptation level is a zone that includes a range of stimulation leading to a positive response.
  8. People have four key modes of adaptation (physiological needs, self-concept, role function, and interdependence)
  9. Nursing needs to accept the humanistic approach of valuing others’ perspectives and opinions.
  10. There’s a dynamic objective for existence. 

While traditional healthcare services are focused solely on treating disease, adaptive nursing and healthcare services are focused on disease prevention, valuing holistic wellness, and how to find adaptive solutions that fit a patient’s unique health and emotional needs. 

Some of the most popular adaptive nursing business opportunities for nurses include: 

  • Health Coaching 
  • IV Hydration 
  • Concierge Nursing Services 
  • Home Health Care 
  • MedSpa Services

If executed correctly, any healthcare business can use an adaptation model of nursing to provide patients with customized, compassionate care. 

Pro Tips for Adapting & Adjusting After You Start a Nursing Business


Adaptation does not stop once you set up your business. Whether you are utilizing adaptation model nursing or not, you as a business owner will undergo great change when you start your business–you must also learn to adapt! 

Considering the key elements of adaptive nursing and adaptive healthcare services, we have come up with a few key tips and tricks for ensuring a smooth transition from the bedside to the world of entrepreneurship. 

Keep Up With Routines

Change is not easy–even if it is for the better! When you are getting your business off the ground it is important to keep up with routines by maintaining a regular schedule that can give you a sense of order when things seem to be out of control around you. 

Acknowledge Your Fears

An important part of adaptive healthcare is to acknowledge the change around you and adapt accordingly. The same goes for your fears. In order to overcome your fears, you must first face them head on. You can communicate these fears to a trusted friend or colleague, or even just jot them down. 

Exercise Flexibility

Flexibility is essential when offering adaptive nursing and healthcare services. It is also essential that nurse entrepreneurs exercise flexibility in their personal lives and careers. Not everything is going to go as you plan when setting up an adaptive healthcare business, so you also must learn to be flexible and adaptable yourself. 

Prioritize Self Care 

Taking care of yourself is essential when starting your own adaptive nursing business. You can’t practice an adaptive model of nursing without prioritizing your own self care! Spend some time doing the things you love and make sure that you get in a good amount of exercise and socialization. 

When it comes down to it, there is nothing more essential to success than the ability to adapt. This is true from a healthcare perspective and an entrepreneurial perspective. 

At NursePreneurs we are here to help you learn how to adapt while developing a successful adaptive healthcare business. 

Get Your Business Off the Ground


At NursePreneurs we help nurses just like you get their business off the ground and find success in the world of entrepreneurship. Through classes, courses, and exclusive services we give you the tools and knowledge you need to establish a strong foundation when getting your business started. 

Whether you are interested in learning more about IV hydration, legal nurse consulting, home health care, medspa services, or any other type of adaptive healthcare, we ensure that you are set up for success when launching your apative nursing business. 

Do you have other ideas for adaptive nursing and healthcare services? We can help with that too! Even if you are the first business owner in your area utilizing an adaptation model of nursing, we help you lay the foundation for a successful start-up. 

Contact us to learn more about adaptation model nursing business opportunities and chat with our team about your business ideas for adaptive healthcare services today! 

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