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Meditation is an ancient practice that has ties to various religious practices in Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and other world religions. But more than a religious practice, meditation has helped millions of individuals throughout the ages find peace, reduce negativity, and gain perspective. 

Chatting with Tasha Triana, RN & founder of The Nurtured Nurse got me thinking about the benefits of mediation. Viewing meditation as a building block to developing routines and improving wellness, Tasha recalls the ways in which meditation can help nurses find peace and purpose. 

As NursePreneurs we’ve got a lot on our plate! From saving the world to running successful businesses, we can often forget to take time for ourselves. Even if it’s just for a few minutes in the morning, meditation can impact your life, and here’s how … 

Benefits of Meditation

Here are some ways in which meditation can make a difference in your life: 

  • Improves emotional intelligence & wellbeing
  • Reduces negative emotions 
  • Increases patience and adaptability 
  • Manages symptoms of stress, insomnia, depression, etc. 
  • Helps develop routines 
  • Relieves tension headaches & lowers blood pressure
  • Chronic pain management 

Types of Meditation 

While the act of meditation produces similar outcomes, there are several methods of meditation. Here are some of the most popular forms of meditation: 

  • Yoga Meditation– Yoga is a highly popular and active form of meditation that includes controlled breathing exercises and movement to find concentration and focus. 
  • Mantra Meditation– Mantra meditation is ideal for individuals that respond positively to words of affirmation. Through the repetition of   words, thoughts, or phrases, you can recenter and find balance. 
  • Qi Gong– This form of meditation is typically found in traditional Chinese medicine. Through the combination of physical movement, breathing exercises, and relaxation you can restore a state of inner peace. 
  • Tai Chi– Another highly active form of meditation and exercise includes the Chinese practice of Tai Chi. Through graceful martial arts and breathing you can improve concentration and generate a positive outlook.

How Meditation Changes The Brain 

In addition to being a deeply spiritual practice, meditation can impact the brain by enhancing the connectivity of the regions of your brain and reducing gray matter volume. The neurological benefits of meditation are astronomical, including decreased brain cell volume in the amygdala (responsible for stress & fear) and improved cognition. 

Everyday Meditation 

So as a nurse and busy entrepreneur, how do you incorporate meditation into your everyday routine? Even if you don’t partake in traditional meditative practices, there are some elements of meditation that you can draw from to improve self awareness and adaptability. 

  • Deep Breathing 
  • Mantra Repetition 
  • Spoken/Written Prayer
  • Body Scanning 
  • Gentle Movement 
  • Walking & Meditation 
  • Personal Reflection 

When it comes to meditation, slow and steady wins the race. Experiment with different types of meditation to find what works for you–you just may be surprised how meditation can transform your life and career!

Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity.”- Baba Ram Dass

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