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Shemeka Jones worked as an HR professional before becoming a nurse.  She loved the role of the nurse and found a lot of satisfaction in traveling as a nurse as well.  Her life changed when she met another nurse on assignment who planted the idea that starting a staffing agency would be a good idea.

At first Shemeka resisted the idea but slowly started looking into what would be involved in such a venture.  She discovered quickly that the first step into the hospital system was to get insurance coverage and work with the vendor management systems.

Each step of the way Shemeka found information was not freely available and good advice was hard to come by.  She and her business partner lucked out on their first contract and were able to make the business grow. Though Shemeka still remembers struggling with uncertainty in those earlier days.

Now that Shemeka’s staffing agency is doing well, she has turned her attention to helping other nurses get their staffing agencies up and running.  She created a group call NOSA (nurse owned staffing agency), where she mentors for free and provides tools and resources. For nurses who have taken the initial steps to start the agency, Shemeka also offers a paid accelerator program that jump starts their success.

To find out more about Shemeka or how to start your staffing agency, go to her website: or follow her on social media @thenosagrp

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ The steps Shemeka had to take to set up her staffing agency

→ Why there aren’t enough staffing agencies out there to fill the need

→ How nurses can be single member agencies and give themselves a much deserved raise

→ How to get all your answers to staffing agencies answered

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